Nine Cool Tips for the Summer Closet


Cool summer mornings and evenings filled with daylight mean we want to spend even less time in our closets. While we want summer to be care-free and less complicated, that doesn’t always apply to our closet. Actually, winter may seem like an easier season to pick daily fashions. Many people throw on wrinkle-free jeans and a fluffly sweater, add a pair of Ugg boots and head out the door. Sundresses and skirts wrinkle. Sandals get dirty. And the sun means you need a hat--preferably one that won’t crush your hair.

Add these simple items to your closet to make organizing your summer wardrobe so much easier.

1. Wrinkles Be Gone! Soft gauzy tops, cotton sun dresses and midi-skirts are the perfect solution for hot, steamy days. No matter how carefully you’ve steamed or ironed them, they seem to get wrinkled once you put them in the closet. Don’t iron them again. The solution is to keep some wrinkle releaser on hand and in the closet. You can pick it up in the laundry supply aisle.

2. Have a Heads Up on Hats! We all love to pop bubble wrap. You just can’t help it. But, try to restrain yourself and save some unpopped pieces for your closet. Use it to stuff your favorite straw hats so they keep their shape when not being worn. Even if something else lands on one, it won’t crush as easily. The bubble wrap is great to stuff purses so they keep their form. While you’re at it, push some down into your tall winter boots so that they keep their nice shape. When they flop over, they get an unattractive crease at the flop mark.

3. Pinch Yourself! Well, not actually. Pinch your clothes instead. Stock up on clip-style hangers to get organized. Ask for them at a department store. In the summer, we want to reach for the impossible-to-hang items: tank tops, spaghetti-strap tops, tube tops, gauzy wraps and bathing suits. That means they are either falling down on the floor of your closet, adding to the heap or you are digging through mounds of clothing in your drawers. Hang them. It is usually easiest to clip the hem end. Fold a scarf in half or quarters and clip it. Hanging it will keep it wrinkle-free. Hanging makes it easier to see what’s available in your wardrobe. Use drawers for the sweaters and jeans that you don’t wear in every season.

4. Prettier Feet! Many women don’t head out without pretty paint on their toes. Would you put your feet in dirty sandals? Your feet tend to be much dirtier in the summer. Keep leather wipes nearby to wipe off sandals and shoes before each use.

5. Don’t be Tarnished! Grab a tub of silver wipes while you’re grabbing the leather wipes. Use them to clean bangles and hoop earrings that look bling with your sundresses and other summer attire.

6. Get Stuck on Organizing! Whether you live in an apartment or single-family home, stick-on-hooks are your closet buddy. You’ll find them in hardware stores. Look in your closet for slivers of empty wall space. Use that area to add the removable hooks for belts, necklaces, scarves, hats and more. (Note: When you buy them, be mindful of how much weight the hook will hold. Some hold as much as five pounds.)

7. Stay Ready to Party! You may not wear a party dress all the time but when you do need to, you don’t want it to be dusty. One of the easiest solutions is to use an old pillowcase to cover clothes. The soft pillowcase breathes. Plastic bags can trap moisture and cause mildew to form on your clothes or make your clothes smell. It’s also not very attractive. Use scissors to poke a hole in the end of the case so that it can slip over hangers. One case will cover several dresses.

8. Keep it Fresh! Often, the closet seems hot and musty in the summer. Refresh by adding a small air freshener with a light summer scent to your closet. If you have the space and an outlet, a small fan in the closet during the summer can help make you feel less hot and frustrated while getting dressed to go out.

9. Keep it Tidy! Add a small trash can to your closet. Dispose of cleaning wipes, dry-cleaner tags and lint!

Photo: Pinterest