Organizing Tips for the Girly Girl


Too many beauty products and clutter create one ugly bathroom. Professional organizer Paris Love gives tips for turning your bathroom into a SPA. So you’ve got a few beauty tricks up your sleeve and a couple hundred piled on your bathroom counter. If that’s the case, you probably have beauty products stuffed in drawers, under the bathroom sink, in multiple make-up bags, and strewn across your dresser. There is likely a compact or eye shadow tucked in your car or desk drawer, as well.

You can make getting beautiful in the morning a bit easier by getting organized. Not only will you make your space prettier, but it will be faster to make yourself pretty, too.

In order to organize that wealth of beauty products—from those that were gifts or free samples to products you were dying to try—you need to turn your bathroom into a SPA. That’s Sort. Purge. Arrange.

Sort Grab a laundry basket, and make a hunt around the house for stray bits of make-up, perfume, body lotion, free samples, and the like.

Pull out everything from under the bathroom sink and drawers.

Sort items by use. The categories would include hair care, body wash or soaps, teeth care, medications, lotions, make-up, and nail care. If you find you have lots of travel-size containers, make that a separate category.

Purge It’s painful to part with things, especially when you think that you might use them some day—even if they were free. But, ultimately, you continue to pay a high price in keeping too many things. You pay it in free time wasted moving things from point A to point B, rummaging through them to find what you want, and in stress from looking at clutter. In the end, it pays to purge.

Over time, products can indeed go bad. Even products that don’t contain expiration dates can be less than desirable due to the introduction of bacteria into the bottle or jar.

Use these tips to purge products: • Check the product for an expiration date. • If you don’t find a “use by” date, look for a symbol near the UPC code that looks like a jar or bottle. Inside the drawing of the jar or bottle will be a number that indicates how many months you can continue to use the product after opening. • If you have had it so long you can’t remember when you got it, then out it goes. • Open it up and smell it—if it smells off, then let it go.

Arrange Once you’ve sorted and purged the out-of-date and extras, you are ready to arrange your personal care items in a more organized fashion.

If you’ve kept “extras,” then you might want to place them in a box or bin so that you can “shop from yourself” the next time you need a product. Otherwise, place them in the back of the cabinet.

Next, arrange related items so they are stored together. For example, it’s great to put everything for a home manicure/pedicure together.

Creating a more organized approach to storing your personal care items requires thinking about bathroom storage in a new way. Try using some of these storage ideas:

• Use the wall: Lacking countertop room? Especially if you have one of those cute, but non-functioning pedestal sinks, then you need to use the wall. Add half-wall baskets on hooks or floating shelves next to the sink to hold your goodies. • Behind the door: Often, the back of the door is underutilized. If you don’t have towel bars or hooks on yours, you can convert it into organized storage by adding a clear-pocket shoe bag. Instead of shoes, organize toiletries into the pockets. • Containers: Once you’ve sorted your items, you are better able to visualize what size container you need for them. Small woven baskets or plastic bins can help keep things tidy. Don’t forget to label them—labels will help you continue to stay organized.