Norma L Jarrett: An Author of Distinction

Jarrett uses her gifts from God to inspire and empower women worldwideFaith, passion and authenticity come to mind when one thinks of author Norma L. Jarrett. Jarrett is not only a national bestseller, but also an advocate for great faith-based fiction and a master of her craft. It’s not always easy to get the balance right, but with inspirational novels such as Sunday Brunch, Sunday Diaries, and Sweet Magnolia under her belt, she has penned a host of great girlfriend-themed stories that touch the hearts of her readers while also ministering to their souls.

With her inaugural literary conference called the “Book Besties Literary Bliss” on January 30–31 2015—which will host Devon Franklin, author and CEO of Franklin Entertainment (Sony Pictures), as the keynote speaker—Jarrett is one author Hope readers don’t want to miss. Hope had the chance to catch up with Jarrett this month.

What has been your greatest literary achievement? I would say my Essence magazine features. God showed so much favour! It’s nice to be on their bestseller’s list, but to have been featured multiple times in their magazine let me know that I will always be a part of the Essence family. I grew up reading the magazine, and it was such a blessing.

What is your message of hope to women? We can’t be timid with what we are passionate about. I believe with prayer, faith and God’s timing, all things are possible. However, we do have the responsibility to eventually launch out and stand on the promises of God and use our faith. I think God has given me a heart for women that may feel a bit insignificant or insecure because I was one of those people. My message of hope is that God can use you just as you are! You don’t have to be loud, be a celebrity, or be glammed up (not that image isn’t important). God has designed us, and He knows who, when and where we are called to serve—so step out there!

What is your next literary project? I have a novel of over 200 pages, tentatively titled Vineyard Surrender. I also have the next book in the Sunday Brunch series, D.C. Brunch. Prayerfully, both will be released in 2015, as well as some “Book Besties” writing resources.

Tell us about more about the “Book Besties Literary Bliss Writers Conference.” During a few of my prior writing workshops, I realized women needed tools but, more importantly, encouragement. So I decided to fuse inspiration and writing resources in one conference. My original vision was small, but I heard God utter, “Bigger” loud and clear. Thus, “Book Besties Literary Bliss,” designed to encourage, equip and empower aspiring and current writers was born. I chose the term “bliss” because I wanted a fun, light atmosphere of purpose. Our sessions include fiction bliss, non-fiction bliss, screenplay bliss, legal bliss, publishing bliss, editing bliss, and a few others. God honored that vision with a powerhouse list of speakers, such as DeVon Franklin, producer (Sony pictures), author, and speaker; Dee Marshall, coach, author and speaker, and TV lifestyle personality and founder of Girlfriends Pray; Monique Greenwood, former editor-in-chief of Essence magazine and owner of Akwaaba Inns, and others. Readers may visit for more info. This was a huge act of faith, and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!