Technology test drives

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Whether you’re in the market for a new cell phone for yourself or your family, interested in tracking your fitness or keeping tabs on your children, technology can help. But wading through all the options and figuring out what is best is time consuming. Some of our contributors recently put some items to the test for you. These busy ladies have reviews all ready for you to help make your technology decisions a bit easier.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The moment I received the S7 Edge Smartphone in the box, I became excited. The black matte finish packaging is phenomenal. The color chosen for the font is eye catching. The noticeable larger screen provides a great viewing concept.

The smartphone has a dual-pixel camera, which means the focus options and speed capture professional quality photos. I could shoot pictures both while standing still and while in motion, allowing me to capture important and special moments in my life. The quality of the photos I took using the duel-pixel camera of the S7 Edge doesn’t even compare to the smartphones I’ve previously used. They were exceptional!

The other features were like the smartphones I have used in the past and the one I own now. I downloaded a few apps, and they worked. I noticed the battery for this smartphone has a short life span. I also had to wait a while for the battery to charge, so I had to leave it at home most days without using it. I did like the screen permanently displaying the clock, especially at nighttime.

Verizon is the carrier and the hotspot was amazing for electronic devices around the home.

Overall, The S7 Edge is a great phone and lives up to its name based on my usage during the review. It’s an ideal phone for someone who daily takes lots of photos. It would also be a great asset around the pool and beach because of its Wi-Fi capability.

I would recommend this phone for teenagers; adults can get a bang out of it as well like I did.

LG Gizmo Gadget

Let me just say I love, love, love this watch! It’s a cell phone and GPS tracker for kids. When my son was smaller, I looked for something like this: a device that would track his exact location and something he could use to call for help in an emergency. Well, I found it with the Gizmo Gadget. While he is a bit too old for it now, it definitely works. The location accuracy is right on point. It pinpoints to exact location down to the address. The phone works perfectly and the text messaging is simple and designed for short messages. Any parents who want to keep track of their child should invest in the LG Gizmo Gadget.