Set a Fresh Tone for Your Home


Happy Fall!  I’m a big fan of the fall season because it represents a time of harvest.  One way I like to celebrate my harvest is by sharing my home, hospitality, and home cooking with friends and family. There are several details for me to consider when hosting in my home, but the highlight for me is decorating. Each year I give careful thought to how I will adorn my home and every year my guests appreciate the beauty of my effort. Wow your family this year by welcoming them into a beautifully decorated home. 

Decorating is fun and exciting, especially when you have a plan of execution.  Here is a brief sampling of the plan I use when doing seasonal decorating or when helping others decorate theirs.

Choose a mood: A decorating mood refers to the overall feel you want to convey. Would you like your home to feel conservative, formal, elegant, fun, whimsical, or contemporary?  Things to consider when choosing your mood are: the type of events you’re hosting, the people who will attend, and your menu and activities. 

Choose a color scheme:  What colors inspire you?  I encourage people to tap into their authentic creativity by throwing the standard seasonal color rules out the window.  Dare to move beyond pumpkin and orange for Fall and Thanksgiving, and red, gold, and green for Christmas.  Be creative. 

Choose your textures and elements – Every decorating scheme needs a foundation piece.  Select a foundation that compliments your mood and color scheme.  Consider placing a beautiful autumn wreathe on your front door and then duplicating the elements of the wreathe throughout your home.

Choose a center piece for your table- The centerpiece is the focal point of your table and dining area.  It should draw the attention of your guest yet not overpower the table.  A great centerpiece ties all the elements of the room together and also makes a statement about the season and occasion.  Popular centerpiece ideas include: candles, flowers, pearls, vases, and seasonal items such as wreathes and pumpkins.  How can you get creative with your center piece?

Detailed seasonal decorations communicate strong messages to your guest about you as their hostess. It says “I prepared for you”, “you’re worth the effort”, “I want you to have a lovely dining experience” and “I care”.  Successful decorating requires time and planning so you want to start early. Begin by taking inventory of your current decorating items, formulate your plan, set a budget, and then shop for new items.  Your guests will appreciate your effort and your event will go from being a simple family and friends gathering to a posh holiday soirée.