Swim into Summer


Swimwear season is slowly approaching. I know some of us have lost hope but I guarantee you all, it’s coming. But, how many of you are ready with your swimwear? Personally, I could stand to update mine with a swimwear piece or two. All hail the hues! Solid colored swimsuits for curvy girls no longer stop at the ever-so-common black one pieces. Although that look is still very much just as popular as it is chic, some of us curvies feel that that’s still the only option we have when it comes to swimsuits and that’s just not the case anymore. Have you ever wondered how much of a bombshell you’d look in red? How peachy would you look in pink? How stunning would you look in an all-white swimsuit?

If you haven’t, I’m telling you right now, you’d look amazing! Black isn’t the only option anymore. All white is my personal favorite. Something about that look is just so clean, yet sassy. Color hues are out there for everyone, curvies included! No longer is anyone restricted to all black. Need I mention Lupita Nyong’o? Experiment with something outside of your box. You might be surprised!

Ruching Ruching Ruching! Curvier women should know all about it. Ruching has got to be one of the simplest fixes to enhancing your curves appearance for the better. For those of us that don’t know, ruching is basically a way of gathering the fabric of a garment in one spot to give it a bunched up look. On swimwear, especially in the waist area, it makes those curves look fabulous! Ruching is the perfect effect needed to draw attention to the waistline in all the right ways, while taking attention away from the unflattering. The ruching effect can be found on more one pieces than we can count, and in a numerous number of hues at that! If your go-to one-piece has just about had it and is on its way out, I’d definitely suggest looking into another with some ruching. You surely won’t be disappointed!

Now for those of us that are ready and willing to leave our comfort zone behind and start an entirely new level of comfort altogether, let’s discuss two pieces. There are tons and tons of two-piece swimsuits that curvy girls are capable of pulling off. When shopping for two- piece swimwear, however, you have to be careful of the term “high-waisted.” Not everything that claims to be high-waisted is actually high-waisted; especially if you’re curvy! I would highly suggest not messing with any bottoms that take after the look of a pair of panties. They usually:

1) Have no waist band 2) Never come high enough 3) If they do come high enough, they won’t stay there 4) Overall, they simply are not flattering

Now if you do begin looking into two pieces, I strongly advise that you first make sure there is a thick waistband capable of staying up on its own. Pulling up bikini bottoms all day is in no one’s plans, I’m sure, right? That panty look is just almost always a no-no for the curvy. Thick waistbands hold on tight and rarely let go.

I’d also suggest looking into bottoms that actually come high enough. Instead of looking into the bottoms that mimic a pair of panties, head straight for the ones that come off as high-waisted shorts or even a skirt! This flatters so much better. More is more with your swimsuit bottoms. Don’t skimp on the fabric because the more your body has to work with, the more it can make your curves do exactly what you want them to!

Well I HOPE you all feel a little more pool ready! I’m anxious for all of you to upgrade that swimsuit and remain flawless while doing so! I know you’ll look fabulous!

With love, Renae