Cooking with Tech for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe folks are already starting to talk holiday, which means family gatherings, gift shopping and meal prep. Thankfully, there are a lot of great culinary resources, from cooking shows to magazines to websites – all designed to help you create a holiday-worthy experience for your family and friends.

Help is also available with just a squeeze, touch or voice command thanks to today’s technology.

Google Assistant on your Pixel 2 can help with a variety of cooking tasks. Just squeeze the sides and ask for a recipe to cook the perfect turkey or a substitution for butter in mashed potatoes if you run out at the last minute. In addition, when it comes to taking the picture perfect family photo, you’re covered thanks to a best in class camera as well as portrait mode. And with unlimited photo and video storing for Pixel 2 users - you never have to worry about running out of space.

We know your hands aren’t always going to be clean (or free) in the kitchen. So simply say, “Hey Google, play some holiday music” to create a festive atmosphere from your Google Home Mini  without lifting a finger. And if you have multiple mini devices in your house you can link them all together and make the music play throughout.

Set and name multiple cooking calendars so you can juggle everything at the same time. Just say, “Hey Google, set a 3-hour timer called turkey” and you’re set. Step-by-step cooking instructions are now available as well. Just search on your device for a recipe then click on the “Send to Google Home” button. Then say “Ok Google, start cooking” and it’ll walk you step by step through the recipe!

If you find menu planning challenging, you’ll want to try Food Planner. Create your own recipes or import the ones you find from any website. Input an inventory of the ingredients you have on hand and Food Planner will create a grocery list of items still needed.

And if you really want to make sure your turkey doesn’t go a-fowl, make sure you download the Butterball Cookbook Plus App to your device. From selecting the right size bird, to adding the right sides and seeing the recipes come to life in video, this app has it all.

Looking to warm up your environment but don’t have a fireplace? No worries. With a flat screen TV and Chromecast Ultra you can cast a high definition virtual fireplace into your home. Then after dinner use it to stream a heart-warming holiday movie.

Happy holidays from your friends at Verizon!