Fireworks, Barbecues and Pool Parties – always better with a little technology

Whether you’re planning the party of the year or keeping your celebration low-key, wireless technology and some great apps can add just the right amount of summer color to your day.

Who can resist capturing the moment when the sky lights up in an explosion of color? The new Samsung Galaxy S8, with Bixby Vision isn’t just better, it’s smarter. An advanced 12-megapixel sensor makes low-light pictures look brighter and its dual pixel technology will keep your shots clear and sharp.

The Samsung Gear 360 2017 allows you to share the full sky fireworks experience with 360-degree video for your social media. Capture the scene from every angle in crisp 4K resolution with Gear 360 so your videos have more detail in every direction.

For best selfies with fireworks in the background, keep a grip on your smartphone by using a PopSocket. Stick it, pop it and grip it!

Want to go big at your outdoor party? The Bose SoundLink® Revolve will deliver your favorite patriotic songs in surprisingly big bass tones by delivering superior sound in every direction. Sturdy, portable and water-resistant – perfect for your neighborhood pool party.

And you can create your own fireworks show without leaving your home. By pairing Philips Hue Lights with the Hue Fireworks app, you can light up your living room using your smartphone or tablet with bursts of color that correspond with the sounds of fireworks.

Verizon also now offers Total Mobile Protection with same day screen replacement service for those partygoers who let their phones slip from their beer-brat hands. Save time and money with a new screen instead of a replacement device. Verizon’s cracked screen repair service is now available in carry-in locations nationwide. Or, a technician can meet you for replacement service at home or office.

For some fun and useful apps, try these:

First up: Gas Buddy. Fuel prices are at their cheapest summer point in a decade, but we’re all still looking for good deals. With Gas Buddy you’ll see not only where the upcoming gas stations are, but you’ll also see the latest prices.

If you’re planning to stay home and make use of the grill, you’ll want to be packing the Weber app. This app is full of all sorts of recipes to ensure your Fourth is flavor packed. The built-in timer will make sure your food is grilled to perfection.

While you’re waiting for the fireworks to begin, make the night an educational one by using a free app called Sky Map. Simply point your phone at the sky and you’ll see the names of planets, constellations and even stars appear for family night.

Here’s to a safe, colorful and fun July!