For Halloween Safety and Fun

There’s plenty of time to scare up cool wireless tech for a fun Halloween celebration. For fun and safety, you can use any of these tech devices and service to make sure you October is the best!

Tracking your goblins – Know where your young ones are with the GizmoPal 2 wearable and app. Set boundaries and receive alerts if they wander. And if you need to get in touch with them, the GizmoPal 2 can be used for calls, too. Hello Halloween safety!

Ghoulish lighting – With Philips Hue Lights you can put the haunt in your house. Turn the lights on and off with your smartphone, and change to any of 16 million available colors. In addition, download the Hue Halloween app and easily pair spooky sounds with light animations.

Boo! – Leave the UE Wonderboom waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the bushes to play music or scary Halloween sounds. And with 10 hours of battery life, it’ll last the entire trick or treat time and then some!

Treat seeker alert – Be ready for each costumed character with the Canary Flex cam. This weatherproof camera connects to your Wi-Fi and lets you see live what’s going on outside. And using its alert feature you can be notified anytime a new group walks up. Pro tip: carve out a pumpkin, place the camera inside and now you’ve got a clever cam o’lantern.

Phantom of the bathroom – Where’s the place your guests would least expect a prank? The bathroom, of course! Using a Wemo Mini Smart Plug you can make it appear as if your guests are not alone. Whatever you plug into the outlet from a beard trimmer to a hair dryer can be turned on “magically” simply by using the included app.

Goblin tracking all the time – With FamilyBase from Verizon you now have control over who your children are texting, calling and how much data they’re using on their devices (over cellular and Wi-Fi). Family base is available for just $4.99 a month and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Happy Halloween!