Is the GizmoTab the Tablet Parents have Been Waiting for?

Looking for an easy but safe and healthy way to entertain your children? Verizon’s new tablet, GizmoTab is designed with kids in mind, or at least that’s what the advertisements say! But does it live up to the expectations and needs of real parents and their kids? Here at Hope we got the chance to hear from a mother who bought the tablet and hear her honest review of the product. We are sharing it with you here in hopes that it can make your shopping experience just a little bit easier.

Recently, my eight-year-old daughter had the chance to try out the GizmoTab by Verizon. This tablet is designed to be used by young children aged three to eight. The GizmoTab came in a bright blue case that was sure to put up with any wear and tear. We both felt the color would be appealing to boys and girls alike.

As a parent I loved that the tablet was easy to set up. I was able to place parental controls on the tablet quickly and easily. My favorite feature of the tablet was that I could limit playing time. As a busy mom, it is easy to lose track of how much time my children are spending on technology. The GizmoTab takes care of tracking the time for me. It shuts down after the set amount of playing time is up.

My daughter’s favorite feature was that she could earn extra playing time on the tablet by selecting the games that were educational.  In fact, her only disappointment about the tablet was that it did not give her enough extra play time! 

The tablet is set up as themed islands that you navigate as you use the tablet.  She liked the pre-loaded apps so much, that she never even asked to load any extras onto the GizmoTab.   We both would highly recommend the GizmoTab to any parent searching for a fun and safe tablet for their young child.