Keeping your Mobile Tech Safe in the Storm

Ever notice that your smartphone doesn’t hold a charge in the winter time – or worse, suddenly dies when it had 30 percent battery life? Cold temperatures, along with winter precipitation, can have a negative effect on smart devices and their batteries. Even moderately cold weather can make your phone seem sluggish.

With roughly 80 percent of consumers using their wireless phones to get help in emergencies per, it’s important to protect your phone from tech freeze.

Verizon has some easy tips to winterize your smartphone and other mobile devices.

·         If you’re going outdoors, keep your phone close to your body. Your body heat will keep the phone from getting too cold.

·         Keep your phone in your pocket to protect it from the elements--and answer any calls using a paired Bluetooth headset.  

·         Invest in a waterproof protective case. This will help prevent any liquid damage to your phone should you accidentally drop it in the snow.

·         Carry an extra battery pack, like a mophie powerstation, and keep a mobile charger in your car.

·         Cold temperatures can make your smartphone’s screen more fragile – leading to potential screen cracks. Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection can ease the pain with cracked screen repair as soon as the same day and next-day shipping for replacements.  

And, if your device does get cold, Asurion recommends warming it up to room temperature before using it to avoid condensation forming inside and damaging your phone.

Stay safe and warm this winter and make sure a smartphone and back-up battery are part of your winter emergency kit!