Springtime Travel Tech from Verizon with Total Mobile Protection

Here’s some spring tech that will take you to the next level – whether you’re hitting up the baseball fields for family fun or driving to your state parks for some fresh air. With the new Samsung Galaxy S9+, you can capture and share even the fastest pitch or swing in super slow motion at your local ballpark. The device’s revolutionary new camera also lets you take incredible photos in low-light situations – like an evening campfire.

Can’t make it to your local games? Google’s Daydream View coupled with virtual reality games like Home Run Derby will put you at home plate in the big leagues.

Have more than one team you want to keep track of? The Fitbit Versa will display score updates from across the league right on your wrist. Not to mention it'll give you credit for the steps you took to go pick up a hot dog at the concessions stand.

Whether you’re in the stands or the front lawn taking care of the garden, the JBL Free wireless in-ear headphones make it easy to listen to the game, while keeping your hands free for noshing a quick snack or downing your favorite lemonade.

Are you also getting in the game yourself and helping the kiddos out for their summertime games? Reviewing your batter’s swing is easy when you have the Under Armour Connect Magnetic Mount. Snap the mount onto your phone case and attach it to the batting cage while recording a video to give you a perspective of what your Little Leaguer is doing right and what you may need to focus on.

And if you’re prone to dropping your phones and finding the screens so badly cracked you can barely make out your favorite springtime photos of those daffodils popping up through the snow, try enrolling in Total Mobile Protection from Verizon. It’s a great plan for a busy family on the go – providing quick screen fixes and same day replacements.

Protect up to 10 eligible lines against loss, theft, damage and post-warranty defects. Receive a replacement device as soon as the next day. And for cracked screens, same-day repair may also be available from a certified repair provider in your area. Plus, you can get unlimited expert support from Tech Coach for every line on your account.

Happy spring – and safe travels!