The Art of Following Your Heart


Some of the hardest decisions in life come from a fear of what other people may think or feel about what you do. This is particularly true when you are a sensible and intelligent woman—a woman who wishes to make the most of herself, her life and her talents. A woman who would never wish to aggravate or upset anyone intentionally. But when you allow yourself to follow what feels right, the decisions you make will be more profound. They will help you create a business and life you are proud of—a life you can be at peace with in the present as you work toward your vision of the future.

You have the ability to infuse both your business and your life with more of what will give you maximum fulfillment by following some guiding principles:

Listen to your intuition. –When faced with a tough decision, let it linger for as long as possible. Stop to pay attention to how the possible solutions make you feel emotionally and physically. If you are feeling physically sick at the thought of not pursuing an opportunity or elated to the point of tears at the vision of saying “yes” to a life-changing decision, listen to those powerful instincts.

Focus on what brings you happiness. – Ask yourself what brings you the greatest joy in life. It is not selfish to seek contentment for yourself. Ultimately, your happiness will shine and inspire others—content people are a pleasure to be around and are a productive force in society. Think about how you can create a business and life that allows you to be the most positive version of yourself.

Serve people you connect with. – In order to keep motivated and inspired by the work you do, think about who it is you can really help with your services. Whom do you most connect with? Whom will you be passionate to work with and help to your highest ability? What sort of people do you relate to and feel comfortable being completely and utterly you in-front of? Think about your own unique story, experiences and talents, and listen to your intuition again. Whom do you feel called to help?

Be unashamedly you. – It’s not always easy to be yourself and be open to criticism about how you think, write, talk and present yourself. Embracing who you are takes practice. When you get in the habit of being honest and letting who you are shine through what you do, the discomfort lessens. You are your own worst critic; it is natural to see yourself in a less-than-glowing light, and it is impossible to see yourself as others see you. But trust in who you are, strive to be the best version of yourself, and wait to experience the results.

Stop asking for permission. – If you want to create a business and life that is completely true to who you are and what you wish to do, then just do it. Stop asking others for permission. Claim the lifestyle that you long for, create the business that feels right to you, and live in a way that makes your heart sing.