The Five Love Languages of Organizing


Ah! The smell of love is in the air as we draw closer to Valentine’s day. It seems like only yesterday that I walked into my neighborhood Target and noticed the change from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.  Talk about an overnight leap, right? Here in the United States, Valentine’s day is the day filled with roses, candy, cards and bottles of bubbly.  However, this year, I challenge you to think of Valentine’s Day in a slightly unique way.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I sat in the car the other day thinking of different ways to show my family some love in a nontraditional way. This came to me in the form of The Five Love Languages of Organizing.  Here’s a quick sample of our five love languages that we implemented and has brought us amazing results quickly.

  • Time Together- Time is our most asset in our lives. Between work, school and other extracurricular activities, we find it important to spend as much time as possible in family engaging activities. From board games to local parks to dinner time, we’ve made it a priority to review our monthly schedule and increase our family time by 10.
  • Become Device Free- Cell phones are the go to device for information and communication these days. During our activities, our family shows each other love by becoming device-free. We’ll turn off all notifications or better yet, powering down our cell phones or iPad so the device doesn’t become a distraction during our conversation. This works, and it works very well.
  • Mise En Place- Mise En Place is a French culinary term that means “putting in place”. This phrase has love written all over it. Helping each other by putting things back where they once were helps keep our house from being cluttered, plus it’s an all-out love fest for our busy schedules.
  • Giving Back- Becoming clutter-free helps us to create more room and love. We’ve established that giving back is our love language by donating items that no longer serve us in this season but will help others in their season of need. Trust me, this is a win-win for all parties involved.
  • Support- Support is a form of service from the heart when organizing the wants and needs of the household. Our family calendar and white board is riddled with inspirational quotes and “I love you” messages to show support for each other. Showing support in the form of services has attributed to the physical, emotional and mental health of our home and family.

Here’s a quick and easy activity that you can do for Valentine’s Day. Take fifteen minutes to create your own love language that identifies with the needs and values of your household. It doesn’t have to be long; five key words and phrases will do. Let us know the words that you’ve created on social media using the hashtag #hopemag #organizedlovelanguage. Until next time.

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