Tips for refreshing your home décor


With a few shifts here and there, you can refresh your home décor each season without spending lots of money or time

I love to refresh my home décor with the change of seasons. What I don’t love is spending lots of time or money doing it! Years ago I came up with a solution, a seasonal decorating philosophy that I call Warm Fuzzy Focal Points (WFFPs). I change things up three times a year in fall, winter and spring/summer.

You can create a WFFP by simply selecting a few highly visible spots in each room to create a seasonal vignette. Areas to consider for Warm Fuzzy Focal Points could include your dining room table, side tables, fireplace mantel, coffee table, stairway or landing, kitchen island, the top of cabinets or armoires or a bathroom vanity. These highly visible areas can be quickly and easily updated with each season, assuring that your home always feels fresh, warm and welcoming for you and your guests. The main thing to remember is to look for elements that suit your style tastes and budget and then put a little thought and effort into transforming a few key areas.

A few ideas to get you started creating your WFFPs:

  • Think odd numbers of elements, such as using three or five items in your vignette, it is typically more pleasing to the eye.
  • Use some of your everyday items – vases, lamps, candlesticks and candles, pictures, etc. – and embellish with a few seasonal items such as silk florals or fall leaves, nuts, berries, seashells, potpourri and so on.
  • Always use seasonal elements and colors that fit with your everyday décor. That way it will flow together and not look out of place.
  • Do not be concerned with the trends or what someone else is doing. Create WFFPs based on YOUR style preferences.
  • Don’t stress about your WFFP creations. Use some inspiration such as Pinterest, magazines, or store displays, then create your own version with the things you love. Keep in mind that you probably go back and tweak a few things; I do this all the time!
  • Have fun with it! Enjoy the process of personalizing and refreshing your home for you and your family and guests to enjoy!

I believe your home should be put together in such a way that it makes you smile, feels like a big warm hug and is a true reflection of your own unique sense of style. Keep those thoughts in mind as you go about “feathering your nest” and you will always feel at home in your home.

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