Fresh Start Holiday

Fresh start holidays can be yours throughout the year, not just in December

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a few days off, like the holidays, every other month? You could slow down, reconnect with friends and family, watch some of those programs on your DVR, check out those Netflix shows people keep talking about, and self-reflect on your health and career; but alas the holiday season only comes once a year. Only once a year do you get to walk back into your regular routine refreshed without using your vacation time to do it. I propose for 2018 to create your own holiday season a few times throughout the year.

Why should we have to wait another 12 months to get this renewed feeling? Instead, open your calendar and start mapping out a few weekends to make this happen. Let’s break down what elements are needed to create a personal holiday season. The main elements of a holiday are: slowing down, food, friends and time alone. I’m not sure every personal holiday season can incorporate all of those elements, but having at least two is doable.

Start looking for places about an hour from where you live, or check out weekend packages at local hotels or a bed and breakfast. Every city has affordable 3-night packages and you can even find great deals for places like Mexico or the Bahamas, which include flight and hotel. Normally, a holiday is about staying home and nesting but when creating a holiday season, you’ll need to be away from your everyday environment. Hotels are always decorated and festive to the eye, which solidifies the holiday feeling. What you’re creating is a frame of mind and a feeling which gives you space between the sameness of everyday.

Find a couple of these weekends throughout the year where this can be done in your schedule. Shoot an email to a couple of friends and family members with the dates and see if they are able to go as well. The only rule is no work. Just like the holiday season that just ended, no one is working; no reports, phone calls or meetings. You can’t refresh your mind and spirit if you bring along those same things that smother you. Aren’t you excited for 2018 now? Everyone talks about starting a new and making resolutions to do things differently next year. You just took steps to ensure you do at least one thing differently and that is taking time to refresh yourself.

Refreshing yourself is one of the best changes you can make in your life. Yes, you’ll still have your standard 2 weeks vacation, but this time you won’t be mentally and physically exhausted when you get there. Nope, you’re creating personal holidays throughout the year to refresh yourself. These personal holidays will become routine for you. Once you start you will guard these days and not allow anything to change or interfere with taking this time away. Happy New 2018 Holiday Season to you!

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