Make summer fun last into fall

School may be back in session and the weather getting cooler, but summer fun doesn’t have to stop

August means summer is almost over; it’s back-to-school time. It’s back to short days and long nights. Window and top down drives in the country, last minute getaways to the beach, spending the weekend by the lake are all coming to a fast end. However, the feelings of relaxation and fun that summer travel gives you don’t have to end. Now begins the season of evening gatherings and weekend excursions, short moments that must be spent “in the moment” or you’ll miss it. So, how do you keep that relaxing fun feeling going when there is no more warm sunshine? Easy – you make plans.

In every city across the country offers activities just a short drive or subway in another direction. You just have to take some effort. Search online and sign-up for an events newsletter for your city. You can normally set the frequency, which will then send you a list of the happenings around town.

Feeling alone? Create a meet-up account choosing preferences you are really interested in, then choose the groups you’d like to be alerted about. It’s free and you’re not committed to attend anything you don’t want to attend.

Always thinking about what we need is Google. Google has Local Guides, a site within their site, where people across your city post places they’ve been and things they’ve done. You can take those ideas to see what around town you maybe didn’t know existed.

If all of that is too much work for your very busy life, then invest in a small fire pit, text a couple of friends, order a pizza, make it a BYOB and gather around. Nothing speaks to relaxation than an impromptu get-together with friends.

Looking for more family focused close to home fun? Find out when free day (usually once a month) is for the museums, the zoo and even some historical sites in your city. And don’t forget sporting events. With the help of Groupon, even on the smallest budget, baseball, basketball or football games are possible for the whole family to attend.

For the outdoors, try looking for some hiking spots within a 30-minute or one-hour drive; the kids can sleep in the car while to drive. Make an adventure out of it with a compass and maybe even a map you printed out at work (go ahead, we won’t tell).

As the warm months begin to cool, a faint sadness begins to drift into the air because it’s as if the fun is ending. But the fun isn’t ending, it’s just shifting. Instead of weeklong vacations, turn the weekend and weeknight evenings into fun by looking in places you normally don’t. Part of the excitement of summer isn’t just the weather but all the possibilities of what you can do. Bring that spirit with you into the fall to make the most of every weekend. 

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