Vacation Living without the mogul price tag

bed and breakThe definition of mogul is “an important person who has great wealth or power:” with references to Hollywood and the film industry. When you say the word “mogul” to most people, they immediately think of someone who has multiple businesses, projects and deals going on and each one is profitable. The lifestyle of the mogul also comes to mind: cars with drivers, housekeepers, tailored clothing, fancy restaurants and all around luxury living. You don’t have to be a mogul to live that life, at least temporarily.

No matter what your status in life, your vacation is a time when you can have the most luxurious life you can afford with no cares, no worries and no limit on what you want or desire. Enter the all-inclusive vacation. If you choose the right all-inclusive vacation, every day is filled with luxury. As you stroll around the resort, drinking and eating, there is no bill. You call room service; there is no bill. You need to make a call back home, no bill. The life of a mogul for a week or two can make the world of difference in your life.

Where to go to live your mogul life:

AMResorts - AMResorts has various luxury resort destinations that include beaches, spas, gourmet food and much more. The all-inclusive resorts offer various packages to fit into budgets. They have a variety of options to work well for traveling alone, with your spouse or with your children.

Cruise the World – Cruising the world comes at all levels and filled with many destination choices. You can cruise for as short a time as three days or as many as 15 or 20 days. Destinations run from the Caribbean and Mexico to Alaska and Russia; there is almost no place you can think of you can’t take a cruise in either ocean or river. For the mogul living, you can roam the ship knowing everything is already paid for. Your food, drinks and activities are all paid in full prior to hitting the seas. A true mogul doesn’t ask, “Can I?” They think, “I believe I will have…”

Bed & Breakfast – A Bed & Breakfast is offered at accommodations ranging from a spare room in a private home to a boarding house, inn, hotel or restored historical building such as a palace. What makes a B&B a mogul-worthy choice is that they are more intimate, since most have no more than six rooms. They offer homemade food as if your personal cook made it just for you. They have easy comfortable amenities you’d have at home but with the highest quality as if you live this way all the time. Lastly, they usually have detailed décor so that no two rooms look or feel the same.

Having a mogul life isn’t an easy one. It takes a level of grind, hustle, faith and being at the right place at the right time for all the deals to come together. However, as you work towards that level in the business world you can reap some of the benefits right now. Maybe your everyday isn’t filled with a well-stocked mini-bar, daily clean linens on the bed and a spotless bathroom suite, but reserving a mogul-style vacation can allow you to live it for a brief period of time.

Photo credit:  Winfield West B&B - Jasper, Indiana