Who’s that Girl?

Go someplace where no one knows your name to be all of yourself with no judgement.

The best part about summer vacation is going someplace where nobody knows your name. Sure, you may travel with friends and family sometime during the summer but going someplace and not knowing a single living soul there can do wonders for what ails you.

Summer gives everyone an opportunity to try something they may not normally do: like wearing yellow nail polish, trying a braided hairstyle, adding lighter tones to your hair color, showing a little more leg or maybe wearing some colors outside of your comfort zone. Whatever summer is, one thing it shouldn’t be is regular. Take a mini vacation – maybe just a weekend away – to somewhere you can drop all the outside world knows you to be and become the freest part of yourself. I mean, there’s a reason celebrities go to secluded islands and resorts; it’s not so much to get away from the public as much as it is to get back to their true selves.

Not sure how? Well, every city has some quick direct flights which are inexpensive. Google the name of your airport and “direct flights” you’ll see everything that’s available to you.

Some places may not have a popular beach, but walking the streets of Seattle with a tank top and jean shorts, something you might not wear at home, is a very freeing feeling.

Although, we all would like to believe inside we have it all together, the truth is we criticize ourselves more than the people around us who we assume are doing the same. Comparing how we think we look to how we see other people only accentuates our feelings of “less than.” Maybe what you really need is a weekend esteem booster. Try someplace like Miraval Resorts, which offers everything from hiking to wellness to confidences boosting challenges and will leave you thinking you really are Wonder Woman ready to save the world.

If some of this seems a bit too much for you, then start where you are. Take a weekend to indulge in some spa treatments meant to make you feel your most beautiful. Consider a facial, moisturizing body treatment, manicure and pedicure with aromatherapy thrown in. Just a reminder that you are special, you matter and life is here for you to enjoy. Afterwards, take yourself to lunch or dinner alone to shower yourself with the feeling of being special that you give to everyone else.

Summer can truly bring on anxiety about physical looks, financial limitations and all sorts of unresolved things about summer, but once you decide to be true to who you are and treat yourself like the great person you are, nothing should stop you from enjoying these months of sunshine. Thought patterns don’t change happen overnight, but the process can be nudged along once you accept who you are and know who you are is the most perfect person; then vacation season can commence!

Photo Credit:  Miraval Resorts Press