Born 2 Be Different Empowering Stories From Ladies Who Overcame the Odds of the World to Make a Kingdom Impact.

gayThey each have powerful stories of how they OVERCAME the odds of the WORLD to make a KINGDOM impact.

Each woman has a different yet powerful testimony that will allow young women to understand that they are NOT alone. We have all been through disappointments, struggles, pain, hurt, and so many setbacks in life.

However, it is these very setbacks and “tests” that help us grow and accept that we were called to stand out, be different, and make a difference in God’s Kingdom.

As young women, we often have low self-esteems, low self-worths, and have accepted the LIE that we will NEVER overcome our failures, our pasts, and our pains. This is NOT TRUE! You are beautiful, you are different, and you were born 2 be different!