5 Ways to Mend a Toxic Relationship


There are certain relationships that are mandatory in your life. For the most part the relationships that we tend to hold on to are the ones that make us happy. However, there are those relationships that bring you down and do not provide any value to your life. At least not in the way that they are supposed to. Sometimes you hang on to these relationships because society may make you feel like you should keep them. There are times though when it is a double edged sword though. You may be scrutinized either way. If you stay in a toxic relationship or if you leave it people will always tell you what they would do. So how do you determine if you should keep it or leave it?

Tip #1 Evaluate

Think about what your situation involves. Is it bad enough to warrant getting out of that relationship? Decide if your relationship is worth saving and/or restoring. What feels right for you? Sometimes seeking clarity about it will help shed some light on it as well. Whether it is a friendship, marriage or if you are dating they all deserve an evaluation.

Tip #2 Execute a plan of action

If you find that your relationship is salvageable set up a plan to help restore it. What are your non-negotiables as you move forward? Think about how the both of you can benefit by changing up some things. Be proactive and move on with the expectation that the other party will do the same.

Tip #3 Look for the Band-Aid

Have you ever used a Band-Aid on a cut and it healed faster? Don’t be afraid to use a Band-Aid on your relationship. Not the kind that simply acts as a temporary fix, but the one that promotes healing. This may come in the form of communicating more often with each other. Letting go of past hurts. Not reliving those moments constantly. Bury them once and for all so that the Band-Aid will do its job.

Tip #4 Accept what you can’t control

You might encounter opposition with your decision, but stick to it from the get go. It’s okay to seek the advice of others. They may tell you things that you do not want to hear. Remembering why they are doing it will make it less uncomfortable. The people that love you the most mean well. It’s their job to protect you from anything that might hurt you.

Tip #5 Live your life happy

Perfect is never promised in any relationship. There will be trials and tribulations, but the way that you choose to react to those times is the key. You both get to start over, start fresh and embrace the opportunity in front of you. Happiness is possible again at this point. Time will be the true indicator if you made the right decision.

You are both worth mending. It’s your call and you decide your happiness.