A Pink Kind of Love

Let your love be ignited by both passion and purity
Let your love be ignited by both passion and purity

When you think of love and the color pink, it certainly doesn’t only apply to hearts and Valentine’s Day gifts. In a world where purity and passion are hardly ever considered in the same idea, many of us have to admit that those are the two entities that we hope for the most in a lifetime of love. The blazing color of passion is most often represented with the bold color of red, purity represented with white. Mingled together flawlessly, if you could color your picture of unadulterated love, perhaps it would be the perfect shade of pink.

Most girls dream non-stop about the day they will transform into Disney princesses, waltz down the aisle glowing, and say “I do” to their Prince Charmings. Most girls dream about the lavish receptions that will follow and what songs they will dance to for the daddy-daughter dance. Some girls dream about the expensive honeymoon vacations across the Caribbean and what it must feel like finally to feel the joys of the undefiled bed. When you think about marrying your beau, however, do you think about the day he will come home from a hard day when his dream seems farther away than the bills’ due dates? Do you think about the warm smile that you know you can give to make him feel a little better, and you hope that life never allows that smile to fade away? When you think about marriage, do you think about the 2 a.m. feeding for your infant son that neither of you will want to wake up to handle? Do you think about how you will roll your eyes when you realize you will have to do it, and you think about how those same eyes will light up in the next hours when he tells you good morning?

We expect our lives to always go as planned. We never expect to fall victim to sickness, ailments or struggles. However, certain things are simply the inevitable. Think about if one day the doctor gives you the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. On the day you notice hair loss from the treatments, will you wear a wig, or will you reveal your baldness? Will your heart sink to remove a breast that has always been carefully cradled into a softly cushioned C cup? Will God’s gift to you in the form of a devoted husband be the strength that you need? Will his eyes look deeply into yours and encourage you to fight without uttering words? Will he still call you beautiful, although your glory seems like it is no more and your chest is bare?

These are the questions one might ponder when considering thoughts of forever. Weddings are more extensive than actual marriages these days. Perhaps if we took more time to deliberate anything beyond the gooey feeling of butterflies, our decisions would reflect our considerations of what’s deeper than sex. Maybe you are only willing to go all in for a pink kind of love—one that ignites passion and flames, yet is graceful with its purity of heart and spirit toward one another. Pray for a pink kind of love.

One that fights and one that survives.