Boldly Loving Him


She holds a full-time job that has absolutely nothing to do with her God-given purpose. She takes online classes because she wants to be educated and certified in that purpose. She pursues her purpose with every free moment that she has. She is frustrated and tired, yet she continues. She works hard, completes assignments, meets deadlines without fail, and somehow, still finds a way to tell the man of her dreams how much she loves and needs him. She never forgets the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with the one who has always held her down amidst all of life’s challenges. No matter how busy she is or how tired she has become, she realizes that without her relationship, everything else is a bust. Brief conversations with him during the work shift make the day go by a little more smoothly. Co-workers slam her sometimes, feeling that her relationship could one day interfere with her work. But she remains consistent in her relationship because they simply don't understand that it only makes her better for the job. While studying new lessons in school, she finds it difficult to take her mind off of this awesome man, so she randomly sends words to him of her constant adoration and appreciation. She feels his smile down to her core, and it gives her more courage to continue toward her goals.

This relationship is hands down the best one yet. It's pure, and it teaches. She's learned the glory of patience and kindness. She rarely boasts about it, which often leaves people wondering what it is that has her glowing this way.

Sure, a few of her friends aren't completely thrilled about this relationship. She has lost interest in some of the normal outings. She isn't exactly concerned with hearing negative babble about why men cheat or why they do women wrong. All she knows is that she has found a love that is finally real, and she is willing to follow that love to forever.

Of course, sometimes she has her doubts that this love can really last forever, but who doesn't? There are times when he doesn't tell her the things she wants to hear. She gets angry, but in time, she understands that he wants the absolute best for her. Being in this relationship gives her a boldness. It gives her a new confidence. A woman with a boldness and new confidence is often looked upon with great disdain by other women. She thinks she is too much. She thinks she is better than everyone. With those types of opinions, it seems so much easier to go into a shell and hide from your true self. It seems so much easier just to blend in with the rest of the world. She, however, has seen the boldness and beauty of being in love with the right one. She has witnessed the joy of a healthy relationship, and even if she has to stick out like a sore thumb among her peers, she is okay with that.

Who knew that falling in love with Jesus would be the best decision she’d ever make?