Dating Yourself

You’re worth the date
You’re worth the date

Maybe you’ve never done it before, or maybe you may forget. But whether you’re single or in a relationship, you have to date yourself. Dating yourself means spending quality time alone, going to the movies, to the beach, park or spa, or having lunch or dinner by yourself. It means meditating, praying and spending time alone with God. It means treating yourself to some of the luxuries of life, like your favorite perfume, flowers for your living room, candles or maybe a watch. There are many benefits to dating someone. You have fun. You experience new things, like new foods and adventures. You learn more about each other and understand each other more. You learn to appreciate, value and complement each other. You often grow together—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The same happens when you date you. You have fun. You experience new things and adventures. You learn to enjoy being with yourself. You learn new things about yourself. You get to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are now and where you’re going in the future.

You think about all you have overcome and may have yet to overcome. You learn to reflect and appreciate the things that make you an amazing woman. You learn to be content with who you are, never relying on anyone else to make you complete. You grow emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Some of us are afraid of spending time with ourselves because we don’t like ourselves. We haven’t learned to be happy with ourselves, by ourselves. Some of us find it hard to spend time with ourselves because our minds wander, possibly causing us to face some hard truths--such as our struggle with low self-esteem or maybe even depression.

To some people, dating yourself may not be important or necessary. To some, going to dinner, the movies, the spa or the beach alone is a no-no! But I’ve tried it and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it! I remember going to dinner once and the waiter asked, “Just one?” I proudly said, “Yes!”

You don’t have to go out to dinner or lunch by yourself. But maybe, you can enjoy horseback riding, painting or the beach. Create the time and spend it with yourself. You will reap the benefits.

Embrace dating yourself. This weekend or sometime in the upcoming month, plan a date for yourself by yourself. Dress up. Get ready and spend some quality time with you. You will have an amazing and blessed time. If you’re worried about what others may say if you tell them you’re going out by yourself, don’t. You’re worth the date!