3 Summer Sport Activities Your Family Will Love


We all know about fairs and festivals found in every city, county and state during summer months, but there are some activities that have niche followings that deserve a second look. USRowing is the governing body for the sport of rowing. There is a rowing club in every state and in almost every major city in the United States. There is nothing more beautiful than watching men, women and children row in unison up and down a river in a race. Visit the USRowing site to see if there is a club active in your area.

Most of us remember the polo scene in the movie Pretty Woman. Did you know that you can actually watch a polo match without being a member of some elite club? The United States Polo Association has an online directory of clubs nationwide. They also explain the sport on their site, so you can be briefed before attending a match.

Cricket is one of the diverse sports in the world played by commoners and royals. It is considered a polite sport as its rules forbid arguing or contention. It is also a great sport to watch, because it moves fast and the players are generally dressed quite nattily. There are youth and adult leagues throughout the United States and a match can be found in almost any park during the summer months. Visit the United States of America Cricket Association to locate leagues and matches in your region or city.

If you’re looking for something different for your family, these sports offer that difference. Study up on them and expose your children to activities they could motivate them athletically.