7 Things Moms of High School Seniors Can Do This Summer


You could be counting down the days before school starts this fall. If you’re a parent of a senior, fall begins a different type of countdown that can be both stressful and hopeful. You are excited that your child is about to graduate from high school, but you have counted every cost from college applications to events like homecoming and prom. The expense of senior year is almost unavoidable, so high school principal and educational consultant Dr. Grady Smith is offering these 7 tips to make part of this journey easier. 1. Have your child research scholarships and their deadlines. Give them the task of finding 10 scholarships they qualify for and have them begin the application process. Schedule time with them to develop a list of things to complete before deadlines approach.

2. If your senior has a summer job, make them save a portion of their money for events like homecoming and prom. You can collect 10% of their pay as a contribution towards their college application fees too.

3. Schedule a day trip to a nearby college campus to give them a feel for what college life will be like. Take them to the admission office and financial aid office and let them ask available administrators questions about getting in and paying.

4. Have your senior begin a college admission essay. Most students leave this task for the last minute, but your child can be ahead of the curve by drafting one early. It can be adjusted as needed later.

5. Is your senior a student-athlete? Apprise yourself and them on college athletics by exploring these tips and these sites.

6. Subscribe to financial aid expert Felicia Gopaul’s resource site and create a profile at FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

7. Get a copy of your child’s transcripts, study them and then quiz them about their own progress. Let them know that you’re abreast of what they need to do to graduate. It will make them less likely to blow off their guidance counselor in the fall.

These 7 tips can be seven days of activities and quite easy to accomplish. The complication comes when they are done during the school year and in a rush.