Parenting and Romance: The Five F’s of February

Parenting tips on keeping the romance of Valentine’s Day year-roundJust because you’re trying to balance work and family, and constantly running around at warp speed, doesn’t mean your love life with your husband has to dwindle. Women wear many hats: the wife, sister, daughter, friend, lover, boss, and mother to name a few. Admittedly, sometimes you forget that you are a woman--the woman that your partner fell in love with. Yet, every time Valentine’s Day rolls in, you are swept up in the temporary romance or lack thereof. Society encourages parents, especially mothers, to sacrifice all for their children and forgo all of their personal wants, needs and desires. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, mom. You can have a life and a love life if you put yourself and your partner first. Happy parents create happy children. If you invest a portion of your energy into maintaining and improving your “parentship,” you can have the same fulfillment you desire to create for your children with these Five F’s of February for year-round romance.

1. Function: I guess that doesn’t sound sexy, but running an efficient and practical household frees up time, energy and resources to spend on you or your partner. Quality time and sex are important—make them priorities. Don’t be ashamed to schedule sex or rearrange the children’s schedules. Utilize maintenance sex (a.k.a. the quickie); it’s a good way to reconnect and can be squeezed in anywhere, but it does not replace quality sex time.

2. Food: Food is the way to anybody’s heart, but what you eat on a regular basis affects your energy level, libido, and mood. Eating a healthy diet will give you what you need to keep up with the children and each other. On the fun side, cook together sometimes, feed each other, or go out.

3. Fresh: Freshen up your look periodically. Try bathing/showering with each other. Get dressed up (costumes are encouraged). Put on intoxicating scents, massage oils, or flavored lotions. Freshen up your home, too, but especially your bedroom. Keep it clean and clutter-free. Rearrange furniture, get the children’s toys out, and keep sexy accessories like bedding or toys nearby.

4. Flirt: It’s how you got your partner, so don’t ever stop flirting. Touching each other often is a great way to reassure and communicate your intentions. A little PDA goes a long way. Utilize all of your senses and your environment for intimacy, and encourage that intimate time alone. Keep sexy secrets with each other.

5. Frolic: Be free, open and honest with your partner about your wants and desires. Play, be silly, have fun, pursue common and separate interests, have regular date nights, and make time daily to connect with your partner. This can include the children because there is nothing more attractive than watching your partner in a dance contest or pillow fight with the family.

If you apply the Five F’s regularly, you won’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day for romance just because you are a parent. So let loose and be joyful. You are more than a mom—you are everything!