The Men We Love to Love

PicMonkey CollageAs Father's Day approaches, we are reminded in social media to celebrate the men we love—the ones who bring hope to women that there are still good men out there. Even when a man falls, it's his ability to get up and rebuild what was destroyed that makes a woman love him even more. The following are well-known and respected men we’ve come to love and why we love them:

Devon Franklin @DeVonFranklin – This CEO of Franklin Entertainment has proved that it is cool to be in a committed, successful marriage in Hollywood, while still keeping his faith and values close to heart. What we love about Franklin is his fearless ambition to succeed, while also being an inspiration to others.

Tyler Perry @tylerperry – His plays and movies have commanded the attention of fans all over the world. We love Perry for his heartfelt movies and integrity in opening opportunities for black actors within the entertainment industry.

Jimmy Evans @PsJimmyEvans – The co-founder of Marriage Today ministries (with his wife, Karen) is helping to revolutionize marriages by sharing their personal journey and equipping couples to survive the storms of marriage. Evans is not ashamed to be open about his shortcomings in marriage. With more than 25 years of experience, his mission is to restore the dream of marriage in America.

Teddy Campbell @TeddyCampbell – Coming back from a fall is not easy, especially in the public eye. Honesty, hope and restoration are the keys when a marriage experiences infidelity. This is why we love Campbell and his wife, Tina--they are real people who are not afraid to start again.

Warryn Campbell @WarrynCampbell – Campbell has produced a host of hits within the music industry, while still maintaining his integrity as a father and husband to his wife, Erica. They have both proven that a husband and wife can work dynamically to achieve success.

Tony Dungy @TonyDungy –Dungy made history within the sports industry by being the first African American head coach to lead his team to win the Super Bowl. His marriage to his wife, Lauren, came with many difficulties. But through it all, they have survived and are now inspiring other couples to have an uncommon marriage.

David Mann @DAVIDANDTAMELA – The dynamic duo of Mann and his wife, Tamela, graced our screens in the Tyler Perry movies and plays. With Tamela's beautiful voice helping us find our way to the King and David's ability to make us laugh, this couple is truly a match made in heaven.

Marcus Lamb @DaystarMarcus – Changing the souls of the nation through Daystar Television, Lamb and his wife, Joni, have shown their strength in faith through the challenges of life. They both stand together, now striving to bring the message of hope to all of their viewers.

Gary Chapman @DrGaryChapman – During the last 20 years, Chapman has helped couples to connect and find their love languages. Even though he speaks from a faith perspective, his message of showing your spouse different acts of love can translate into enriching every type of relationship.

Denzel Washington – Not only is Washington a heartthrob, but he is also one of Hollywood's most successful and respected actors. With one of the longest thriving marriages in the entertainment industry, Washington is a role model for the everyday man to follow.