Five Ways to Rejuvenate Your Single Life this Summer


You may not have achieved all your goals you set out to accomplish this year, but you have another great six months to achieve them—and live an awesome single life. The journey of being a single woman can be very challenging and lonely; however, it does not mean your life has to be put on hold until you find Mr Right. You can live a dynamic life, achieve your goals and explore the world around you. You never know who you will meet along the way.

Here are five amazing things to explore while you are still single:

1) Vision Boards - I am a big believer in vision boards. I created one when I was single, which had every area of my life and aspirations covered. This included marriage and what I wanted it to look like, my writing career and my spiritual life goals. I must say eighty percent of what I had on my vision board came into being. Even if you have one already, you can always create a new one.

2) Get Away - As a single woman, you may think traveling on holiday alone is not for you. Traveling by yourself can be so liberating and can help reset your mind, body and soul. Janice Waugh, travel blogger and writer of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook, set up the Solo Traveler blog, where she shares some great tips on how to travel solo.

3) Learn a New Skill - One of the greatest seasons of your life is when you are single. You can unselfishly run toward your dreams and pursue your destiny without any apologies. Don't waste that time waiting for the right man to come into your life. Start a new craft, whether that is learning a new language, learning to sew or cook a particular food. Go for it. Learn the thing you love to do. It will only make you more attractive to your future mate.

4) Connect with your Maker - One element of my life, which holds me through the tough times, is the deep relationship I formed with God when I was single. The feeling of loneliness is unavoidable when you are single. But knowing you are not truly alone takes the sting out of coming home to the four empty walls. Speak to God throughout your day. Speak to Him about your issues. Don't live a life of silence when you are home alone.

5) Giving Your Best to You - Real beauty starts within, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your outer appearance. Keep your style in check, and do it for you and nobody else. If you feel you would like to lose a couple pounds, start by cutting down your food intake and taking up a healthier lifestyle.

However you choose to live your single life, maximize each and every moment. Celebrate you and all the gifts and abilities God has given you.