Get your single summer swag on!!


Even though there are only a few weeks of summer left to enjoy, it is not too late to enjoy the heat and get your groove back in some summer fun. Summer is normally the seasons for weddings and you might be up to your neck in invitations. This can sometimes make you feel a little deflated when you do not have a handsome plus one. (I have been there) So, why don’t you skip the wedding invites and plan your own celebration with you being the centre of attention. Your aim is to celebrate all the things you have accomplished this year and treat yourself to some fun in the sun.

Often times you don’t celebrate the things you have already achieved at this time of the year. Whether big or small each day until Fall, write a note of gratitude of all the things you have achieved and signify it with a treat. This could be a bunch of flowers, shoes or a new dress or a bag, anything that will fit your budget.

One of the most relaxing and fun ways you can still enjoy the summer is to go on a girlfriends’ weekend getaway. You know you need that deserved break where you can just let your hair down and laugh until you feel your sides are splitting. All you need to do is gather a few of your favourite girlfriends and organise a spa, shopping trip or even a day at the beach.

Take a solo trip to the exciting places you have been wanting to visit. Why wait for Mr Right to come and take you there when you can have a beautiful time with your own beautiful self. You will be surprise how refreshing taking time out to be in your own relaxed environment is. You don’t need to go far. You can book a hotel a few miles away from your city. Makes sure it is relaxing environment and a place where you can reflect and be thankful.

When I was single I maximise the Summer months’ by going to different events alone. It open so many doors for me to meet new people and because of this I have met so many people who I am friends up until today. No matter what stage of life you are at ensure you enjoy the summer season as a single woman you never know it might just be your last one to enjoy.