Hard, Deep and Wide | The Mirror Love


Loving hard and loving deep is a skill many women have perfected.  They’ve learned to love others beyond their faults and flaws.  Their love for others can transcend thousands of mistakes to forgive. But some of these women who love deep, wide and hard for others have a difficult time offering that same level of love to the amazing woman in the mirror. If you are already in love with you, great! Keep reading so you can share this information with a sister.  However, I have news for any woman who loves others more than herself: you are more than enough and deserve to be loved; deeply loved.

What does it mean to be enough?  I’m glad you asked. Being enough has very little to do with what you have and everything to do with who you are.  Even if you have room to grow (and we all have room to grow) your current state of being is enough to get you to the next marker in your life.  Right now, today, you are smart enough, pretty enough, bold enough, kind enough, brave enough, humble enough, and loving enough to face your day and win.   You are enough.

Here are three thoughts to ponder concerning being enough:

Perfection is a myth and society is wrong: There are no perfect women. There are no perfect bodies, no perfect speakers, no perfect moms, no perfect wives, no perfectly keep homes, no perfect families, no perfect…well you get it.  Free yourself from the burden of needing to be perfect by simply giving yourself permission to be your personal best.  Every day, make the choice to use what you have and be the best version of you.

Peace of mind is golden: Constantly comparing yourself to others is a stress-promoting life habit that stops you from enjoying who you are.  Accepting that you are enough allows you reduce that stress and creates an environment to maximize your peace of mind.  You’ll be at peace with your good attributes as well as your flaws (knowing that your flaws are merely personal markers of uniqueness).

Personal acceptance leads to personal growth:  Accepting who you are and honestly declaring that you are enough is a giant act of personal growth. Growth like that feels good.  Soon you’ll discover that your capacity and desire for personal growth is expanding.

Women who know they are enough spend less time second guessing themselves and more time focusing on enjoying the life and opportunities God has given them.  They are at peace with themselves and what they have to offer the world.  Declare today that you are enough and live everyday in that freedom.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash