How She’s Doing?


An office is like a small community in which you live in for approximately eight hours daily. Just like you, your co-workers have interests outside of work. When you pass their cubicles or work spaces, you see glimpses of their outside life – personal photos, souvenir pens or cups, magazines or books. Like you, they want work to be a little more than just work. No one goes to work to make friends. We’re at work to create a great product, stand out amongst the competition, and make a lot of money. But you should at least connect with a few people at a level outside of just talking about work. There are a few people who just want to come to work and make their quota of donuts and go home. However, you spend so many hours with these people, you should at least make a work friend to make the days, weeks and months go by with a little bit of joy. If no one else has stepped out to test the waters, why don’t you?

Here are a few ways to make friends at work.

Make a Coffee Run

Even if you don’t drink coffee, be a part of the 2 p.m. coffee run. It’s where people talk about work, hobbies and even their preferences for tea or coffee. These walks to Starbucks translate into being able to work well on a team and getting along well with others. Both factors determine who wants to work with you and who can you work with.

Family vs. No Family

Making conversation about kids? If you are active in your nieces’ and nephews’ lives, you can connect to people because you know what it’s like. Similarities, even small ones, can bond people in a way to know they have someone to connect with.

Can’t Miss that Show

Television, Netflix, Hulu, Prime. There are plenty available outlets for people to watch television and I guarantee someone in your office watches at least one program you watch. Even the most avid readers watch something on TV every once in a while. While everyone is settling in for the next meeting, ask, “Did anyone see [fill in the blank]?” Then sit back and watch your new work buddies come to you.

My Hobbies

In every office, there are fashionistas, car buffs, music lovers, pet owners and bloggers. Maybe you’re one of the above and someone wants to ask you about your hobbies, but just doesn’t have the courage. Step out and let your interests be known.

The bulk of your waking hours are spent at work. Why not make the environment offer you more than just a place to work and earn a salary. You’re already investing your time and energy into the company. Why not use a little of it to enjoy those who you see every day? Making a friend or two at work will revitalize your workday instantly. Soon, you’ll have a lot more to look forward to in the office!