Is 2016 Calling for a Different Kind of Heart Health?

What Does Your Heart Have to Say?
What Does Your Heart Have to Say?

Do you remember a time when your heart spoke dreams that could shut any fat lady’s voice from telling you it was impossible? To our children, we say, “Dream big!” and “You can do anything your heart desires!” But we’ve forgotten to give ourselves permission to apply the message to the home front. In fact, how often is that tone and sentiment lost when we look at, speak to, and relate to the woman in the mirror?

We are the constant in our own lives and in every relationship we’re a part of. When we show up in dynamics with partners, family, friends and colleagues, devoid of a self-declared permission to dream and go after those dreams, we present with a metaphoric type of heart disease that is quite dangerous.

Like physical heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in women, the death of your dreams too is a silent killer. When dreams die, and new dreams go un-nurtured, a slow death to our spirit becomes the identified target. So, what shall we speak to ourselves in 2016?

Will you speak life to your dreams? Or will you allow life’s practicalities, disappointments, and invitations of regret to convince you that dreams are a luxury for “them” or “those without responsibilities.” Anything resembling those sentiments needs to be challenged and recalibrated.

It’s not just about the dreams of your children. It’s not just about the dreams for your marriage or love interest. Dreams are also yours for the taking! There’s no better time to push the reset button!

Thankfully, 2016 is ready for us to show up, live like you matter, and love like never before. So, what do you dream? If you don’t censor, engage fear, or think about feasibility, what’s your dream? Have you ever thought about the fact we can live without brain function, but not without the function of our heart? It’s not by accident our desires are housed and closely woven to our gifts, calling and purpose within the heart. Despite the dynamic function of the brain, those wonderful elements were not divinely placed in our head, but instead in our hearts – the organ that determines life. It’s so vital, yet we’ve learned to diminish it in more ways than we recognize.

Well, not anymore! It’s a new moment, a new day, a new year, and a new choice to turn the volume up on what our hearts have to say! This time, we’ll move despite being afraid. This time, we’ll accept that our heart is not seeking to hurt or trick us with its requests. Not only is it necessary, but it’s persistent in the quest to elevate our lives and the lives of others through our realized dreams.

If you died tomorrow, what would you regret not doing or attempting? Consider that to be a valuable chorus or verse in your heart song. The time is now and the moment is here. Let it sing your specific melody. Dare to embrace the gift it truly is – a dream choreographer and amplification of God’s voice to you. Get ready to catapult your joy, be authentically present, and move toward another kind of heart health, one that’s sure to change everything!