Love Never Hurt Anyone

Let love lead, especially when you are starting afresh
Let love lead, especially when you are starting afresh

If the hitting the “reset” button were easy, then why do they make it so small? Managing the waves of love is like finding an object small enough to press “reset”—it’s tough, but it can be done. In the wise words of Dora, the forgetful, yet adorable fish in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming!” You have to know that the only way to the finish line—despite whatever you face on the journey along the way—is forward. When it comes to relationships, especially those of the heart, that journey can hit you so hard that staying afloat is the best you can do. Yet, on the other hand, it can propel you into a place that might break an Olympic record or two.

It is commonplace to blame love or the individuals who hurt you for your inability to move on, to find that happy place, to regain focus and get it done. The reality is that love—real love—will never leave you. That love is you. So, when you start to drown, keep swimming. When the journey gets tough, press on. It’s important to reflect so you can reset and begin again.

Here is a reset method for you to use: Remember to: Evaluate the situation (when you have a level head). Start with you. Eliminate the negative thoughts and people. Trust in God.

One of the hardest things to do during the resetting process is to start with self. This type of self-check also has the greatest rewards. For celebrity broker Kim Tumey, that place is the first and only place she goes to when the reset journey starts.

“I always reflect on what I could have done better,” Tumey said. “I don't get mad, but as a human, I've been disappointed. How can one be real with everyone, except themselves? I think people should strive to do a self-check and expect more from self than others. Once we master us, mastering others isn't a problem. So, when he leaves, I say, ‘Bye!’ I know my worth. When he cheats, I leave without question or concern! Because I know my worth! You can't have a relationship with someone, except yourself, and expect to be happy.

But enduring your reset journey isn’t something you have to walk through alone. Na’tell Miller, a single mother, found her “reset” button by focusing on her relationship with God.

“The struggle has been a little tough, but the love and strength I have developed is only through my relationship with God,” Miller said. “[There were] times I felt like He forgot about me, but He always brought me closer to him. Without my daughter, I don't think I would have the fight for life the way I do. Don’t get me wrong—I have my pity parties, but they are mine. You know when you have to cry, and you just want to be held and need someone to tell you it will be fine? Being a single parent has its ups and downs because you don’t have anyone to go through the ups and downs with. Wanting the best for your child and yourself is tough with a fixed income. God has been good to me because when I thought I couldn’t, He put me in position to say, ‘Yes, you can.’ I learned how to love me and trust God.”

Find time to love you so that you can hit that “reset” button, jump back in the water and finish successfully.