How the Holiday Spirit Can Bless Your Marriage

During this time of joy and celebration, take advantage of moments to better your relationship with your spouse
During this time of joy and celebration, take advantage of moments to better your relationship with your spouse

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s important to set aside time to grow in love with the one you love. People often get so busy with the celebration of Christmas that they often forget about the true meaning of Christmas, which has a deeper message that can change lives for the better. Taking the elements of the festive season and making an effort to celebrate the message of love, peace, and joy with your spouse can be a major factor to overcome any turbulent seasons you might have experienced throughout the year.

There are various ways you can incorporate this message not just for one day and make an impact in your relationship.

Love: True love is sacrificial, unconditional, and covers a multitude of sins. Living with your spouse day in and day out can be frustrating at times, and you are often exposed to their shortcomings. But you can demonstrate unconditional love this festive season and also mend any other broken relationships in your life.

Peace: After being married for a few years, it’s easier to get complacent with your spouse. The love and passion you felt at the altar seems to wither, and other responsibilities—like having and caring for children—take precedence. During the holiday season, try to take a few days of couple time, and revisit your wedding pictures or wedding video. Reminiscing on those nostalgic emotions can bring peace and understanding to a relationship filled with misunderstandings.

Joy: Take time out to laugh and enjoy the family time you have with your spouse. It is a good time to reflect on all of the joyous moments you’ve enjoyed with each other. To show your appreciation for your spouse, you can make or purchase a little box and write thank-you notes to your spouse. Place it under the tree, and let him open it on Christmas Day.

Faith: Each year carries its own valleys and mountains. You can often lose hope when you are in a dark valley, especially when it comes to marriage. When you transition from being single to married, you are now accountable to one another and your actions. This can cause conflict, especially when the “me” time you used to have as a single becomes “we” time. Whatever season you are experiencing in your marriage, the message of faith can help you believe that things will get better.

However you choose to spend the holiday season, make sure it’s meaningful and that you are a vessel of life, faith, and joy not just to your spouse but to those around you, as well.