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The key to truly having the true relationships and life your desire
The key to truly having the true relationships and life your desire

The most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself. It isn’t with your parents, your children or even your spouse. If you don’t have a great relationship with the person that you spend 100% of your time with, then how can you expect to have a successful relationship with anyone else? We often look to others to validate who we are instead of spending time with ourselves to find out who we are. We need to seek God to understand whose we are. Most times, we identify ourselves by how others see us. But you must take time out to know that the first and only relationship that is the most important and required for your overall success is the one in which you have with yourself.

The number one key to having a successful relationship with self is self-love. Once you are able to love yourself, fully and unconditionally, there isn’t anyone or anything that can keep you from what is yours!

Licensed psychologist, Dr. Rose Moten of Transcendant Life Counseling Services says, “The relationship with self is the absolute most important relationship you can have. All romantic relationships we enter into are mirrors, reflecting back to who we are. If you don’t love yourself fully, you can never expect anyone who enters your life to be able to show you healthy love.”

Sexual, mental, emotional or physical abuse of any kind and any other traumatic experiences in life can serve as false indicators as to who we are. Start every morning by looking into the mirror and simply saying, “I love you!” Continue this until the realization of it begins to take permanent residence within. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you have made in life, how you have yet to accomplish your goals, what another individual thinks about you or how worthy you feel. Know that you are worthy of loving yourself first! Take time out with yourself in meditation and prayer. Start doing the things that you like to do or have always desired to do by yourself!

Here are a few keys to loving yourself:

  • Get daily proper rest
  • Eat right (including fruits and vegetables) Why place dead things in a living vessel?
  • Exercise
  • Once a week, do something that you love to do for you
  • Tell yourself that you love yourself daily
  • Schedule Me Days (days when you aren’t wife, mom, sister, CEO, etc.)
  • Pour into yourself (study your craft, go back to school, increase your knowledge of something of interest by reading and studying that area of interest)
  • Allow yourself room for error (don’t be so hard on yourself)

Once you become confident in loving who you are, the world won’t be able to resist who you are. At that point, allow God to move and the world will begin to introduce you to things that you couldn’t ever imagine. You will be on the definitive path of purpose for your life! The key to truly enjoying this thing called life is first realizing that it all begins with you! As you show love to yourself, you will soon find out that that is and has always been the key to unlock the real healthy, loving, purposeful relationships.

Love will radiate from you, which will cause loving energy to overtake you! You are beautifully and wonderfully made, my sister, so take today to reintroduce yourself to you

Photo by Brooke Winters on Unsplash