Marching Together and Winning the Battles of Life

Marriage is a journey to work through together, both in pleasant and challenging times.
Marriage is a journey to work through together, both in pleasant and challenging times.

A difficult situation can make or break your marriage. Here are a few tips to ensure you tackle life’s challenges, communicate better when things get tough, and work together instead of allowing storms to tear you both apart.

How to deal with financial crisis Financial crisis can happen in the form of having debt, your spouse losing his job, or simply a tough economy in which the standard of living becomes higher than what you both earn. Financial storms can cause immense stress, especially when you have children and are struggling to get by. Whether you both work, or your spouse is the main provider, you both need to take time out to write down all of the bill payments and income that comes into the household monthly. When you have a clear picture of the status of your situation, it becomes much easier to remedy. If you have debt that is spiraling out of control, many credit companies are satisfied if you agree to an affordable payment plan. Whatever your financial crisis is, remember that you are in this together, no matter whose fault it is. There could be an underlying spending problem, for which you or your spouse may need to seek counseling.

What to do if your libido is flying low There is a great misconception from some single people who think the married life is full of passionate sessions of lovemaking throughout day. That may be true for the first three months. But once the reality of life, work and children gets thrown into the mix, nights of passion become a distant memory. Sex is more than just the intimate act, so try asking your spouse to help set the mood. Play a few of your favorite love songs in the background, accompanied by a give-and-take sensual massage with a few scented candles. This cooks up a great recipe to get your libido back on track.

How to argue for peace instead of for the sake of being right In marriage, arguments are not always a cause of concern. Remember, even though you are “one flesh,” you are still two different people. Arguments can be healthy in fixing disagreements, as long as they don’t lead to abuse. Oftentimes, pride stops individuals from backing down or apologizing, even when they know they are wrong. If you focus on finding peace in an argument instead of being right, you will likely have a positive outcome. It takes a long time to get there, but it is possible to end an argument with the words, “I love you.” Life is too short to stay angry at your spouse—it only breeds offense and contention. In this month of March, continue to march toward peace in every situation together, and you will become a dynamic couple and an inspiration to other couples around you!