Perspective is Everything!

Getting Back Up Just Got Easier…
Getting Back Up Just Got Easier…

Success requires commitment, consistency, focus, sacrifice and much effort. When things go our way, we feel accomplished. However, when things turn in a different direction, it can cause a downward spiral if we have the wrong perspective. Perspective is the gift that affords the power to choose how we encounter and respond to things. How we see a situation is one of the best indicators of our recovery time and what happens next. If we see our stumbles as failures, defining moments, or evidence of unworthiness, future attempts can feel like moving boulders with our bare hands.

Instead, prayers, tears, stillness, listening, and sharing with trusted confidants are tested and approved must-have items for a basic dust yourself off toolkit. As we dream big and strive to soar to higher heights, the ultimate toolkit requires a bit more for a stronger arsenal. Here are 4 power moves that will help leverage your efforts:

Abandon your personal propensity for amnesia. One of the greatest forms of resistance to overcoming disappointment is choosing to dwell in what went wrong instead of what went right. When you forget your past success, you remove your own armor. Forgetting your moments of courage, victory and triumph seeks to ensure that you don’t make a valuable connection. You are not a loser. You are a winner who lost one round.

Only play what encourages the journey. I don’t allow myself to engage in mental tapes that discourage my capacity of worthiness or victory ahead. There’s no point in entertaining mental tapes that scream, “You can’t,” “This can’t,” “You won’t,” “He won’t do it for you,” “What if,” and “You’re not.” If it doesn’t sound more like, “God can,” “You can,” “You will,” “It’s time,” “Go for it,” “God’s got it,” and “Go anyway,” push the mute button and stand on positive affirmations until the right internal messages comes forth.

Release baggage that slows you down. Identifying things that will serve to make you lethargic is very important. Unforgiveness, defensiveness, resentment and fear are a few. Fear will often show up as a clear adversary to your success efforts (e.g., fear of change, fear of failure, loss and the unknown). When it does, you have one of three options: You can choose to move with, without, or be stopped by fear. With the ultimate goal of paralysis, fear is most successfully defeated with movement. Movement to fear is like kryptonite was to Superman. The further you go, the more your momentum diminishes.

Get out of your head. Give it your best shot! It’s only a setback if you throw in the towel. It’s a setup if you give it your all and try again. Abandon pride and take an authentic look at the chain of events, missed opportunities and power you still have within you. What pushed you from the finish line? Was it timing? God’s redirection? The wrong target? The wrong relationship? Readiness? Preparation? What needs to be different? What did you learn? What were you supposed to learn?

Develop a new strategy to help you get closer to the target. You are powerful beyond measure. Yes, at times it will be uncomfortable, but give it your best. That’s a perspective you can choose to live by!