Renew Yourself Esteem


Many people have strong self-esteem. They believe they can do anything in the world. They believe they are smart, beautiful, talented and special. But, sometimes, people get a little down. Their self-esteem is rocked. Their goal or plan failed. Someone said something hurtful to them. They’ve been mistreated by someone they love, which makes them feel unappreciated and unloved. One day, they look in the mirror and only see flaws.

When these things happen, when life or people throw things at you that cause you to question your value, your worth, or your capabilities, you have to renew your self-esteem. You have to feel and looking amazing! You have to live abundantly, free and joyful! You have to be purpose-driven and successful, as you are meant to live! Don’t give room to any negative thoughts or feelings. If you do, they will grow and cause emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stress.

Shake off the negative things that Satan puts in your minds. Write down all the things that make you smart, beautiful, talented and special. Remind yourself of what God thinks of you. Reflect on your successes, great or small. Remind yourself how much you have to offer others. Remind yourself of your inner and outer beauty. Do things that make you feel beautiful, like wearing a nice dress, putting on some heels, adding a little color to your eyes or lips. Do things that bring you sheer joy.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word renew means to return to, come back to or resume. But how can women renew something they never had? How can women make something anew when it never existed in the first place?

Some women can’t boost or renew their self-esteem because they don’t believe in their abilities, their beauty or their worth. They struggle with low self-esteem because the devil has a hold over their minds. They always think the worst of themselves. They struggle because they have failed at tasks in life. They struggle because they haven’t overcome the traumas from their childhood years.

If you are one of these women, start by changing the way you think! Remove your old way of thinking and believe about yourself what God believes. Ask Him to reveal everything that makes you smart, beautiful, talented and special. Write them down. Think them. Believe them. Declare them. Look in the mirror and affirm how fearfully and wonderfully made you are every day. Do what makes you feel beautiful. Forgive those who may have caused you to think and feel negatively about yourself. If you need to, seek pastoral support or counseling so you can experience the joys of a strong self-esteem.

Your self-esteem will be shaken—but it can be renewed! 

Photo Credit:  PicJumbo