The Power of Knowing Your Purpose


Vision coach and owner of Chase Great Enterprises, LLC, LaToya Early, wants you to understand the power in knowing your life’s purpose.  

Through her coaching, Early works with clients to find their purpose. She helps them see greater things and reach past self-inflicted limitations. And part of helping them reach past their limitations is helping them understand their life’s purpose.

"Purpose is your identity and the reason you were created,” Early said. “[It] gives you a sense of confidence and self-value. When you know your value, you’re willing to uphold a standard. Everyone has a purpose. The question is whether or not they take the time to identify it and maximize it." 

Early acknowledged that her coaching sessions are extensive. One of her most important tips is being open for change.

"I teach women that they must be in a position of vulnerability in order to recognize the areas that require adjustment,” Early said. “This is most important because many times we have a negative outlook on being vulnerable. But, when you're in a position of vulnerability, you understand you don't have all the answers. By accepting this reality you then give yourself the opportunity to hear God and allow Him to show you who He needs you to be.” 

Early understands that sometimes there is a sense of competition and jealousy amongst women. This especially has become a challenge with the rise of social media. Many people equate success to the number of followers or the number of likes. Sometimes people can feel that everyone else is succeeding and passing them by. 

"When you stay focused on your purpose, you are no longer concerned with what people are doing around you,” Early pointed out. “Once you’ve identified your value then your perspective changes and you begin to desire quality over quantity. When you know who you are, you don't have to devalue the gifts of others."

She warned that all of us have moments where we may look at other women and have a sense of envy; it’s a natural reaction. However, when you are fulfilling and maximizing your purpose, you realize your value is just as pertinent and you never have compete with the success of others. 

Even though competitiveness abounds, Early emphasized that support is crucial.

"Supporting other women is vital," she said. "When you are walking in your purpose, you have no problem supporting others. You understand that when you support another woman, you will reap the exact reward."

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