The Power of Positive Confession

Being open and honest is the key to a blossoming relationship.
Being open and honest is the key to a blossoming relationship.

People often don’t take notice of their words and the power they have over their lives. You can either speak life or death at any given moment, not knowing the effect it will have on you and those you care about most. There are many ways in which you can use a positive confession to create the world you want. One area that is often overlooked is in your relationship with your spouse. There are multiple ways that you can take charge of the words you speak and create a positive world that will not only benefit your life, but the others around you, as well.

When God finished creating the world, He said it was good, even though He saw the trouble and calamity to come before it even happened. Thinking and speaking differently about challenging situations will help you to not get stressed out in the midst of it all and may also help you focus and tackle the problem better.

It is so easy to speak negatively when you are in a negative situation, especially when you are in an argument with your spouse. People tend to speak out of emotion and not from the heart. Oftentimes, when you speak from an emotional stance, you can say things that hurt and cannot be taken back. This could have a devastating effect on your relationship. When you are in an argument with your spouse, and emotions are running high, take a timeout to remind yourself that this is just a heated discussion and that you still love your spouse, even though you feel like you hate him at that moment. It is not a permanent feeling—it’s just an emotion in the moment.

After you have a disagreement with your spouse—no matter who is wrong or right—tell him that you love him just before you go to bed. Don’t leave the night with negative words in the air. The power of releasing that energy will transform any negative energy lingering in the atmosphere between the two of you.

Another way you can use positive confession is to do so consistently in your daily actions and conversations. In the morning, tell your spouse something that will encourage him throughout the day. Speaking words of life, peace and joy to your spouse, providing that loving encouragement and support, changes the dynamics of your relationship for the better.

Making positive confessions in your own life, whether with Scriptures or other affirmations, creates a positive energy around you. This doesn’t mean that you won’t go through difficult times, but your attitude toward those challenges will definitely be different. May this season of April showers be a time of watering your words with positivity, and may you enjoy the fruit of peace in every situation!