Two Small Words, One Big Impact


The great Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But, people will never forget how you made them feel.” A feeling of appreciation could possibly be one of the most underrated feelings of all of those generally felt. There is simply not enough emphasis placed on appreciation, especially in relationships. Nice gestures are often lost in the shuffle of fast-paced living, and thus regarded as responsibility and mistaken for routine. It is always important to understand that, no matter how long you have been in connection with an individual, kind and intentional gestures are not to be taken for granted.

Of course, it is so easy to show enormous gratitude on Christmas Day when someone you love has showered you with amazing gifts. It is definitely simple to be exceedingly grateful on Valentine’s Day when roses were sent to your job, and your day ended with the most amazing date you’ve ever had. How big of a task is it to be thankful for a fabulous birthday party thrown in your honor? When big things happen, it is almost effortless to make the responsible individual feel appreciated.

T.D. Jakes, world-renowned bishop and author, explains in a sermon that relationships are simple while driving straight. The hard work is while driving in the curves—and those could be the times that a friend, spouse, or relative needs to feel the most appreciated. When you are in a rush, but someone who loves you insists on checking your oil and your tires before you leave, that is love, and it deserves to be appreciated—even if that individual seems to be inconveniencing you at the moment. Anyone who has loved understands that it is not always fun, cute, adorable, or convenient. However, in those moments of disdain and misunderstandings, you can still appreciate the small things. Cooking, taking out the trash, sorting the mail, or sending a “thinking of you text” are all things that can be done to show appreciation. They are also things that deserve to be appreciated.

Saying, “Thank you” is free of charge. It doesn’t require postage or shipping fees. There are no processing fees or hidden charges. It is absolutely free, yet it is so rich in love. To be appreciated and valued can encourage efficient communication, as well as build a solid support system. Not only will the feeling of appreciation make every party involved happy, but it will simply create better living environments, filled with positivity and gratitude. Additionally, it will encourage continued acts of kindness, which produces longevity.

As most families around the world begin to prepare menus for Thanksgiving dinner and prepare their homes for multiple guests, be sure to remember the heart of Thanksgiving. Take time to really appreciate your life and those who have been a blessing to it. It doesn’t take an expensive gift to make someone feel appreciated. Just try a simple, “Thank you.” You may just be surprised how it will bring a glow to your relationship.