You Made It Through!

Attractive African American woman
Attractive African American woman

The first six months of 2016 are almost over. Many of you can say that you’ve been blessed over the last six months. Your boyfriend proposed. You gave birth to a son or daughter. Your child graduated. You celebrated a birthday. You started a new job. You launched or expanded your business. You purchased your first home. You traveled to a city, state, or country that was on your bucket list.

Likewise, many of you can say that you’ve had some challenges. You were denied a promotion at work. You ended a friendship. You struggled to forgive someone you care for. You battled with a certain sin. You relapsed on drugs or alcohol, or maybe both. You were abused. You got sick. A loved one had surgery. Someone you love passed away.

Despite the challenges you experienced from January up until now, you overcame them! You are still here! Some of you may even find yourself crying tears of joy because you can’t help but thank God that you made it through. Your challenges may have weakened, defeated and discouraged you for a time, but they did not destroy you! This, my dear sister, is reason alone to give thanks!

Don’t allow any negative thing that has occurred to minimize God’s blessings in your life. Don’t minimize the positive progress you’ve made since the start of this year. Every stepping stone, every small step toward your dreams, every victory deserves a celebration. A cupcake with a lit candle. A pedicure. A gift card. Dinner at your favorite restaurant. Movies with your girlfriends. Reward yourself for enduring and overcoming your challenges and for your accomplishments. The celebration is well worth it!

The next six months are a mystery. But, no matter what the future holds, you don’t have to worry. God has got your back! He will open amazing doors for you, doors you never knew He would open, and doors no man can shut. Any challenges He allows you to experience, take heart that He will be right there with you so you can conquer them!

Take some time to savor the past six months of your life, the good and the not so good. Reflect. Embrace. Then, get ready to finish the year amazingly!