4 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Style Mood Board


Just like vision boards impact your career success, so too do style mood boards impact your style success. As celebrity stylist & designer Rachel Zoe so famously said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” This article will help create a visual action plan for your personal style.

Staying motivated in every area of your life, including your closet is tough. This 4 prong approach will help you visually map out, how you want to present yourself to the world. I call it developing your personal style statement. As a style expert, and a certified image consultant, it is my job to help women create a head to toe strategic impression, or as I like to call it their style strategy.

A first impression is always a lasting impression, and we all know that when you look good you feel good. Style mood boards are a key tool that I use to help clients see their transition, hone in on key silhouette elements, color cues and  overall creating their visual calling card.

Follow these 4 steps to help you get started with your own style mood board:

Create an album on Pinterest and map out your personal style statement.

When I am creating a board for a client I will often go through their social media, recall conversations we have had, and I revisit all the notes I have taken from our spark session to help me truly connect all their lifestyle dots. You can begin by thinking about your daily tasks, environmental things you need to consider from work or play, as well as what you just love to wear. Then start a list to help you begin to create a criteria for your action plan.

Start Pinning & Reflecting

As you search through the images contemplate your career aspirations, as well as you need to sell yourself at work. Impression management is a huge part of developing your personal style statement. You can gather an immense amount of information about someone based on their attention to detail within their personal presentation. You want to dress for success in every area of your life!

This will give you an initial direction begin your search for great work clothes. From work apparel, search for some quotes that inspire you, and then think about your personal life. Be sure that you key in on colors that are great for you, style you have never tried, but would like to and effortless wardrobe additions that will keep you looking like a million bucks with minimal effort.

Get Out of Your Style Rut… and Stay Out!

After you have 30-50 pins check to see that you have a range of outfits, wardrobe additions, and aspirational style focused pins that will aid you in envisioning your upgraded personal style statement. It’s time for you to shine!

After you complete your album, start looking through your closet. I know it may be tough to face. However, what is the use in creating a map, if you don’t take the trip. It’s time for you to take your journey to stylish success! Toss anything that doesn’t fit. If there are pieces that need to be tailored or dry cleaned, you have exactly 24 hours to get them where they need to go. If you take any longer, you probably won’t do it.

Start Shopping!

From your album you will get a general visual perspective for both work and play. Narrow down websites, as well as stores you need to visit. Create a clearly defined shopping objective for each division of your wardrobe. Plan on taking 3-6 focused shopping trips to purchase the necessary items you need.


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