Beautiful Skin For a Beautiful You

Here’s to a more beautiful, courageous and unstoppable you!

Here’s to a more beautiful, courageous and unstoppable you!

Some women define beauty as one’s outer appearance—skin, hair, makeup, or eye-catching features—whereas others consider inner beauty to be what reigns supreme in life. Famous fashion designer, Christian Dior once said, “Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.” Whatever your personal definition of beauty may be, there are countless ways for you to achieve your desired look. Whether it’s healthier looking skin that glistens in the sun, or the perfect outfit with a bold statement piece, beauty is what you make it and how you choose to achieve it.

Establishing a quality skin care routine is the foundation for healthy skin. According to celebrity makeup artist, Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, one should adopt an appropriate skin care regimen to keep skin supple and well-hydrated. Reiss-Andersen has worked with some of the top names in the industry, including Cindy Crawford, and flawless skin has been her expertise. Many women make the common mistake of not taking proper care of their skin, but your skin is an important aspect of your health. Practicing diligent care for your skin regularly will help skin care become a standard part of your everyday lifestyle.

To establish a skin care regimen uniquely fit for you, first determine your skin type: normal, combination, oily or dry. No one knows your skin better than you. Next, find dependable products that work well for your skin. This may take a lot of experimenting. Sometimes, trial and error is inevitable when searching for the best brands. Lastly, establish and follow your skin care routine morning and night. Always start by removing all makeup, followed by an effective cleanser, toner and moisturizer of your choice. Staying faithful to your regimen is key.

When you look and feel your best, you feel more confident. Healthy skin is key. Feeling beautiful gives you that assurance you need to feel courageous and bold enough to keep moving toward your dreams. So here’s to a beautiful you—a beautiful, courageous, and unstoppable you.