Beauty Bets: Buy in or Cash out?

Hope for Women shows you how to make beauty trends work for you

Hope for Women shows you how to make beauty trends work for you

Trends aren’t just found in the fashion industry—they are in the world of beauty, as well. However, make sure these styles are used appropriately to get the look that’s perfect for you. The Clump – Believe it or not, the fashion gods are indeed telling us that clumpy mascara is in! As an ode to the looks of Twiggy and Diana Ross, circa 1960, clumpy lashes are back. This may work on the runway or in an editorial spread in a high fashion magazine, but in real life? It’s a no. You don’t want to be the “trendsetter” walking around with spidery lashes, looking like you overlooked a terrible makeup mistake before you left the house. Cash out on this look—save it for Halloween.

*TIP: Don’t pump your mascara. It’s a bad habit that will dry out your mascara much too quickly. Gently twist the wand out of the tube to coat completely.

Crease Crush – Bright colors on the eyes allow you to smile! This is a fun way to experiment and change your look drastically. Go for a daring look with an all-over color. Be careful with yellows and anything near the red family. These colors can make you look a bit tired. Knowing that this pop of color can be changed to your liking for every mood you are in, go all in!

*TIP: Use white eyeliner all over your lid before you apply eye shadow. This will allow the color to appear even brighter and stay in place much longer.

Hot Lips – The bigger and brighter, the better! Go big and bold for a hot look. Reds, oranges and raspberry shades look grand on any skin tone. Play around until you find your perfect shade. Pile it on, blot, and pile it on again for a sensational color on your luscious lips. No bets here—you simply can’t go wrong with a bold, bright lip!

*TIP: Once you have applied your liner and lip color, break a tissue apart so that you only have one thin layer to place gently over your lips. With a big makeup brush, lightly dust some translucent powder across the tissue to set your lipstick with some serious staying power.