Color Your Summer in Nail Polish!

2e21b02c9e66826ab69f9a465d38133bLet your nails shine with new summer shades that will make your summer colorful all season! Enjoy shades of red, pink, coral, blue and yellow this summer in bright or pastel shades. The color of choice this summer is coral. Coral can be described as a pink/orange mix. It is what the sky can look like and it is what one thinks about when the word snorkeling is mentioned. How does one do a great nail polish on oneself? Here are some tips for wearing this season’s hot nail colors!

1. The first is to have clean nails. This is important for fingernails and toenails. 2. After the nails are clean, use a nail file and nail buff to shape your nails and make them smooth. 3. The nails are now ready for polish. The first step when polishing nails is to use a base coat. Base coats are generally clear polish specifically for a base coat. Think of how you need primer for painting. The base coat is like a primer. After the base coat is applied, let it dry completely. 4. After the base coat is dry, it’s time to paint the nails in color! Two coats of color are recommended, but if you have a one-coat nail polish that is also fine. After the nail polish is applied, let it dry completely. 5. After the polish dries, apply a top coat. The top coat polish helps the color polish last longer. This is the last step in a simple nail polish process.

Summer time can be fun in the sun. A nail polish on the toenails looks great for sandals and a day at the beach. Adding jewels or nail stickers can be a fun way to add your own unique style to your nails. Whatever your personality is, there is a nail polish color to match! From corals, pinks, reds, ocean blues and yellows—find your color and enjoy the summer!