Finding Joy Amidst Stress



Happiness is such an important component of living. It’s easy to get so caught up in life and forget about your own well-being. Oftentimes, we overlook a vital aspect of living: happiness.

The American society stays busy—there is always an incredible amount of hustle and bustle. People often don’t take the time to slow down and find enjoyment in the simple things because they are frantically trying to get other tasks accomplished. Whether it’s work or running errands, or cleaning around the house, people are always busy.

That never-slowing-down lifestyle can lead to discontent, which makes great efforts to overpower hope and happiness.

It doesn’t take too much effort—or finances—to ensure that your mental health is intact by finding joy in the world around you. There are many ways to escape the stress that bogs you down.

Form genuine relationships. You can be surrounded by a bunch of people in a crowded room and still feel all alone. You can interact with multiple people throughout your workday, yet never feel fully connected. The truth is, though, that people need close relationships with others to provide feelings of security and love. Self-worth also starts to increase as you develop friendships with those around you. It’s hard to be completely happy when you’re all by yourself, especially if you’re spending the majority of your time working and not taking time to engage with people who genuinely care about you. The more you are able to give love and share moments of laughter with others, the happier your own heart will be.

Make time for things that matter. You make time for the things that matter most to you. Running and other forms of exercise are great examples of ways to clear your mind and raise your endorphin levels, ultimately triggering those positive feelings within you. The Harvard Medical School reported a study that found that regular exercise routines can even improve the moods of people with mild to moderate cases of depression. But, more importantly, make time for spending time with your loved ones.

Live in the moment. You only get one life, and it’s so important to be fully where you are when you’re actually there. Constantly worrying about everything you need to get done when you’re trying to relax or have fun gets in the way of the enjoyment you should have. If you’re at a park with friends or family, forget about the report you have due on Monday. Be where you are. Anxiety is only going to produce more unhappiness and anxiety. Let yourself find joy by letting go of stress in places and moments it should never be allowed.

Find the good in people. It’s inevitable. People are going to drive you crazy sometimes. There might be certain individuals you simply would prefer never to be around. But, if you try to find at least one good thing in every person you encounter, you’ll find your own level of happiness will increase. Positivity trumps negativity in more ways than one.

Smile. There is something about the act of smiling that radiates quality feelings in a person. Scientific studies show that facial expressions influence emotions. It’s hard not to feel even just a spark of joy when you smile—and you’ll likely cause happiness for others who see such a pretty thing dancing across your face.

Joy isn’t just a word or something to sing about during the Christmas holiday season. It’s a real state of being that will brighten your heart in ways you never imagined. Let it overpower the stress from the world around you. It’s such a small word, but an incredibly impactful way to live.