Five Summer Beauty Essentials

ee66bfaa-a949-487d-93e3-0b2d269f721eSummer is my favorite time of year when it comes to beauty! I just love the transition into nature’s blooming color palette, as well as the gorgeous glow everyone’s skin seems to take on. This summer, it is all about having fun with your beauty regimen. I am so excited to introduce you to five products that will become essential to your daily personal care routine.

It’s never easy to fit in the time to take care of yourself in the middle of the thousands of other things we all have to do. But it is imperative so that you can look and feel your best. When you feel you are at your best, you are also more productive. Let yourself shine in every part of your beautiful life this summer!

Five Spring Beauty Essentials:

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Kiss & Love Lipstick – Color: Le Neu -- Price: $37.00

Lipstick is back in a big way! Gloss is all the way out and lipstick is all the way in this summer! YSL’s Le Neu is a gorgeous addition to any glam girl’s makeup kit. It is creamy, fabulous and such a beautiful neutral color, which is key for summer beauty. Remember to line your lips before you put it on and then again afterward.

  1. Essie Grays Nail Polish – Color: Petal Pusher -- Price: $8.50

Gray is the new black! From gray nails to home décor, it’s all about gray this season. I am all about the gray nail trend. You won’t regret this gorgeous color, Petal Pusher, with a pop of Essie’s Pink Diamond on your ring finger.

  1. Benefit High Beam Liquid Skin Highlighter – Price: $26.00

I first was introduced to this product by the makeup YouTubers I follow. I fell in love with it right away because it adds such a gorgeous highlight for any skin tone. It is all about creating a dazzling glow this season, so get into it, baby doll.

  1. Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara – Price: $22.00

When it comes to mascara, I am a total psycho. I used to have longer lashes, but now I have to create the illusion that I do so I am always looking for the next best mascara. This is one of my all-time top three favorites for sure.

  1. Clarin’s Day & Night Cream – Day Cream Price: $53; Night Cream Price: $56

Do I need a day and a night cream? Yes, you need both! Gone are the days where you can just wake up and go. It’s time to take better care of your skin. I love the amazing thickness of the night cream. You want to really get those vitamins in your skin during your sleep time. Then, in the morning after you brush your teeth, you revitalize your skin for the day with the radiant day cream. Described as a multi-active, power- packed duo, these two face creams will help you get your groove back this summer!