For the Love of Beauty



Magazines, blogs and beauty experts are great sources for keeping us on our toes when it comes to conquering a flawless beauty routine. However, greeting the day with a full face of makeup and flawless skin should never be our only means of expressing our true beauty. No matter how large our collection of fancy lipsticks and sweet fragrances grow, consumption can be glamorous when we have both people and planet in mind. You don’t have to go granola to show your love and care for the world around you. Here are a few rules to help you simplify, be conscious of your consumption and be a steward in your community, all at the same time.

Adopt the 5-Product Rule:

Save money, time and space in your medicine cabinet by reducing your daily product usage to only five products. This one can be a bit tricky for ladies that love their options. But, cutting back a bit has its benefits. Not sure how to get started? Try sticking with one of your favorite mascaras instead of stocking up on three. Avoid collecting a plethora of conditioners when you can use olive oil or coconut oil from the kitchen when you’re in need of deeper moisture.

Use, Re-purpose and Waste Less:

Cosmetics packaging is super wasteful and many of it isn’t recycled. Instead, it is sent to landfills that are already burdened with the tons of junk we toss into it each year. Think twice before adding another product to your collection. Instead, protect the environment by using what you have to the very last drop and recycling or “upcycling” your containers. Brands like MAC, Aveda, Origins, Kiehl’s and Alima Pure have made it even easier to go green. They provide incentives like free product samples and discount coupons for good beauty stewards that bring back their containers and packaging for recycling.

Buy One, Give One:

Great beauty reciprocates. When you’re working to minimize your beauty regimen and your life, it is always better to give than to receive. Donate any unused products to your local women’s shelter, or pawn off items you adore a bit less to friends and family that may find more use for them.

Get into the glamour of giving by donating unused products to the Beauty Bus foundation, which delivers dignity, hope and respite to chronically or terminally ill men, women and children and their caregivers.

Other brands offer buy one, give one opportunities that allow you to donate a product to someone in need when you go to make a purchase for yourself. In the market for a sustainable toothbrush? Smile Squared donates a toothbrush to a child in need (much like the TOMS shoes concept) when you purchase one for yourself.